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execMobile turns 10: a look back at how we changed mobile data

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2020

execMobile, South Africa’s leading alternative mobile data provider, turns 10 today. Founded in 2010, when mobile network operators were making a fortune across the globe from roaming fees, execMobile’s goal was to disrupt this roaming market. Initially targeting “mobile executives”, execMobile now offers local and global mobile data for travellers, enterprises and things.

Here is a look at our history, what we have achieved to date, and what is next in our eSIM evolution.



2010: Voice Roaming

Initially execMobile targeted mobile voice roaming traffic via BT’s OneVoice Mobile Application.

The team quickly learnt that mobile data roaming costs were responsible for great discontent and set about seeking global mobile data solutions.

2011: first API integration

execMobile’s first API integration into a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE, Cubic Telecom), allowed us to offer SIMs and our first PocketWifi (Huawei 3G E587 MiFi)!

The service was however only available in 36 European countries and limited to one network per country.

2012: Better Roaming Agreements

execMobile partnered with Telroaming as its technology partner, to provide a better, more advanced PocketWifi service to travellers, via better roaming agreements.

Coverage expanded to 110 countries, eventually to around 128 within the next years, but single SIM roaming agreements were soon to be surpassed by more technology.

2014: 3G Multiple SIM PocketWifi

ZTE 3G MF60 PocketWifi’s firmware and hardware was modified to accommodate multiple operators’ SIM cards, to use the best SIM (roaming agreement) per country.

This now allowed decent rates in 149 countries, but more importantly, the SIM management platform capabilities were dramatically improved.

2016: LTE Multiple SIM PocketWifi

Coverage was extended to 158 countries with the launch of the new 4G PocketWifi. Further firmware modifications allowed customers to roam across various networks in a country.

Additionally, our SIM management platform now offered advanced features such as application analysis and network selection.

2018: first multi IMSI SIM!

Our 4G PocketWifi insides’ got an upgrade to multi IMSI technology; 400+ partner networks on one SIM card.

Coverage expanded to 191 countries, including 43 in Africa! Over the Air (OTA) provisioning and steering were added to ensure the unit connected to the best available network.

2019: eSIM Launched

execMobile launches eSIM profiles for consumer devices (phones, tablets etc.) and IoT/M2M devices.

Our eSIM adoption for corporates has been dramatic, notably recently with the launch of a Discovery server, which allows mass eSIM deployments without cumbersome QR code emails.

We now support:

iOS iPhone: 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone SE (2020)

iPad: 11-inch iPad pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad (7th generation), iPad Mini (5th generation)

Android Samsung: Galaxy Fold

Google Pixel: 4 XL, 4, 3, 3XL, 3A, 3A XL

Nuu Mobile: X5 Microsoft

Surface Tablet Pro (5th Gen)

2020: SIMplify Management platform

execMobile now offers Global, APN and Prepaid SIM management, all on a highly customized platform.

  • White label option available
  • Unlimited Accounts, Groups and Sub-Group iterations.
  • Reporting possible at every Accounts, Group and Sub-group, and perfect to offer customers spend management and control of SIMs

During the last 10 years, execMobile has received various accolades and commendations from analysts and customers. Its products have also won various awards, including being named on the “Top 20 African Innovation” list.

Our next chapter is around eSIM profiles for IoT, and whilst we can ship eSIMs chips with current profiles, and mass deploy eSIM profiles via our Discovery server to GSM compatible IoT devices, we will soon be able to switch profiles on existing eSIM IoT devices……and it won’t take us another 10 years to be able to do that.

To learn more of execMobile’s corporate offerings, for both local and global data, visit their website, contact via email or call (011) 575 4137.


Editorial contacts

Jody Carollissen
General Manager - execMobile