F-Secure builds seamless protection into Touch ’n Go eWallet

Johannesburg, 30 May 2024
Round-the-clock identity monitoring.
Round-the-clock identity monitoring.

Over 20 million users trust and heavily rely on the Touch ’n Go eWallet for cashless payments on more than 1.7 million merchant touch points, according to the Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital. F-Secure is proud to introduce a new level of security to this one-stop financial solutions app for personal data, which enhances the lives of its users and solidifies their position as a corner­stone of cashless societies, which are now being embraced more worldwide.

A global leader in simplifying consumer security, F‑Secure and TNG Digital, Malaysia’s mobility leader, have announced the co-creation of an embedded security solution to protect Touch ’n Go eWallet and the data privacy of its growing user base.

The F‑Secure embedded security provides round-the-clock identity monitoring, continuously searching for customers’ personal data and sending instant alerts if a breach is detected. The app’s Cyber Help hotline service also provides additional help to tackle critical issues such as identity theft.

F-Secure realises that nothing matters more to their users than the security of their transactions, which is why they are thrilled to add even more value to the Touch ’n Go eWallet experience. This includes building in protection that not only secures users’ financial life, but also adds a new level of confidence to cashless trans­actions across society. A recent F‑Secure survey found that 50% of Asia-Pacific consumers have experienced at least one incident of cyber crime in the past 12 months, with Malaysian respondents reporting that they have faced the most cyber crime in the region at 58%.*

One of the biggest obstacles to a cashless society is fear, said F‑Secure’s Anand Renukanand, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific region. Embedded security will help Touch ’n Go eWallet become the trusted consumer partner for all manner of payment types so customers will feel free to expand the type of payments they make with the app until they can use it for every payment.

F-Secure customises consumer security services to help industry leaders innovate, launch and optimise services that serve their business needs.

* Source: F‑Secure survey of Asia Pacific region, 2 873 consumers from seven countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India and Vietnam; 400+ respondents on average from each country.