First Distribution and Druva – fully managed data security across enterprise, cloud, SaaS, end-user

Johannesburg, 13 May 2024
Safeguarding data resilience.
Safeguarding data resilience.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding data resilience has become a top priority for CIOs worldwide, with concerns escalating about cyber threats, exfiltration risks and privacy breaches. In response to these challenges, First Distribution and Druva have joined forces to offer a streamlined solution for data resilience, security and management.

Andre Human, General Manager of Dell Technologies at First Distribution, underscores the significance of Druva’s industry-leading software as a service (SaaS) platform, emphasising its ability to confront cyber threats, restore data with confidence and ensure seamless data recovery. Positioned as a prime managed service provider (MSP) aggregator for Africa, First Distribution proudly offers exclusive rights to Druva, enabling businesses to fortify their digital defences effectively.

Human highlights Druva’s transformative approach to backup and recovery, which has revolutionised data protection for thousands of enterprises worldwide, boasting over 6 billion M365 backups and protecting 450PB+. With a strong focus on M365 applications, Druva is poised to make significant inroads into the African market.

The Druva Data Security Cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware and software, offering a simple, agile and cloud-native architecture that delivers unmatched security, availability and scale. Notably, Druva serves as the foundation of Dell’s APEX Backup Services offering, further solidifying its credibility and reliability.

First Distribution’s longstanding partnership with Dell Technologies positions it as a trusted distributor with a deep understanding of Dell’s enterprise business. With approximately 70% market share in the enterprise sector, First Distribution is committed to integrating Druva and Dell Technologies seamlessly, offering partners access to a vendor-neutral platform that can secure every application, every location and any workload worldwide.

Human believes that adding the Druva portfolio represents a significant milestone for First Distribution and the local Dell Technologies business. By leveraging Druva’s autonomous protection and Dell APEX Backup Services, partners can generate predictable annuity revenue while enhancing their data protection capabilities.

Druva’s advanced ransomware recovery technology and globally available architecture comply with stringent data sovereignty regulations, providing customers with peace of mind in the face of evolving cyber threats. Furthermore, Druva’s transparent consumption-based pricing model eliminates egress, hosting and restore costs, offering customers unparalleled control and transparency.

First Distribution offers partners two avenues to access Druva: Through Dell Technologies APEX Backup Services or as OEM’d by First Distribution. Regardless of the model chosen, partners can expect identical pricing, models and ecosystems, ensuring a seamless experience.

Looking ahead, Druva is set to launch by mid-May, with a self-service portal available through First for Cloud to existing MSPs or via the Dell Technologies partner programme. The initial focus will be on the Microsoft 365 market, offering MSP partners an extensive portfolio covering M365 applications, SharePoint, endpoint devices and enterprise workloads.

In conclusion, Druva’s partnership with First Distribution marks a significant milestone in enhancing data resilience, security and management capabilities. With a focus on customer-centricity and innovation, First Distribution is committed to empowering businesses across Africa with cutting-edge solutions for the digital age. Contact us today for a 30-day free evaluation and discover the Druva difference.

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