First Distribution empowers Kaspersky's revitalised approach to address challenges of the digital age

Johannesburg, 09 Apr 2024
Kaspersky has the key to security.
Kaspersky has the key to security.

Kaspersky, a global cyber security and digital privacy company, introduced its updated visual identity and enhanced products addressing all facets of the digital age during its launch event recently, hosted by First Distribution. The products are the first revamp of the solutions in 10 years, bearing regular updates to take new threats into account, as the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and the way people live has completely changed.

Kim Grobbelaar, Kaspersky’s Consumer Channel Sales Manager for Africa, explains that the new suites – which went through a thorough development process – reflect the post-COVID-19 world in which everything has moved online.

The new products encompass:

“The cyber security and threat landscape are continuously changing. What we saw as a threat a decade ago has completely transformed. We now cater for all the new aspects of digital life, including crypto-currency,” says Grobbelaar.

With a 26-year legacy, Kaspersky updates its database to address new threats daily.

Grobbelaar explains that there are more than 500 different technological elements built in across the three new products. “We based all our new offerings, which also have a new look, on the pillars of security and performance.”

The Standard security plan offers powerful protection from viruses, malware and ransomware – but also includes performance tools to get devices running quickly and smoothly, removes useless software and keeps apps up to date.

Kaspersky Plus offers next-generation cyber security to protect against new viruses, ransomware and malware – without slowing machines. It also includes payment protection, password manager and unlimited VPN to keep your digital life private and secure.

The Rolls Royce of the products, Kaspersky Premium, provides award-winning anti-virus, privacy and identity protection, performance optimisation and other benefits, including fast, unlimited VPN, secure password manager and vault, as well as Premium 24/7 remote IT support.

Current consumers can update their subscriptions online without an additional payment.

Continental growth

Kaspersky has partnered with First Distribution to deliver its products throughout Africa, as it has a presence in 32 countries. During the launch, First Distribution won the Kaspersky B2C Security Award for SADC.

Kaspersky Brand Manager at First Distribution, Shaun Britz, explains that Kaspersky has moved away from the traditional way of targeting end-users and now looks at what consumers need out of cyber security products. “Cyber is the fastest growing sector apart from cloud.”

Consumer Channel Head for META, Seifallah Jedidi, says the new subscription-based solutions will help grow Kaspersky’s presence into Africa, a key growth area for the security giant. “Cyber security is no longer a luxury. Through our partnership with First Distribution, we will make life more secure with these cutting-edge products as we expand into the continent.” Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky has also highlighted the fact that Africa is a focus area.

In the thriving landscape of digital connectivity in Africa, Kaspersky targets double-digit growth. The security solutions offered by Kaspersky contribute to simplifying various aspects such as identity protection, privacy, payments and ensuring the online safety of children.

According to the World Bank, more than 160 million Africans connected to the internet through broadband between 2019 and 2022, and 191 extra citizens either made or received a digital payment between 2014 and 2021. 

Britz adds that hackers used to target businesses but have increasingly moved into the area of going after private individuals. "The value of data surpasses that of oil, and the black market for it is experiencing exponential growth. Anyone can become a target."

As Grobbelaar says: “Anti-virus products have fallen away, and we now cater for all possible devices as a revamped provider that covers every aspect of modern life. Our products are built on a complex labyrinth of layers to protect everyone.”