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First Distribution partners with Kaspersky to modernise, simplify security solutions

By Shaun Britz, Kaspersky Brand Manager at First Distribution.

Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2024
A secure partnership.
A secure partnership.

The nature of modern cyber threats is such that security is a must-have for any business or individual that chooses to go online. However, most cyber security solutions have a tendency to be complex and less flexible than desired, leading to a scenario where organisations are forced to tailor their business to suit the specific security products they have implemented.

Recognising the back-to-front nature of such an approach, Kaspersky has listened carefully to the demands and requirements of businesses and consumers, and as a result has significantly improved its product set. In this way, its security solutions – rather than being product-specific – are tailored to suit the particular needs of its customer base.

The focus has been on adding new features to, and expanding the functionality of, its various security solutions in order to ensure that Kaspersky’s offerings cater to every single person in the market. This means whether you are a business owner, a parent, a gamer or anyone else with online security fears, Kaspersky has a solution for you.

Making security simple

Essentially, Kaspersky’s aim is to make consumers' digital lives more simple, convenient and secure, protecting you from threats, including malware and ransomware, but also by protecting your privacy and giving users direct control over this information.

Whether you are using Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, Kaspersky has redesigned the user interface allowing for compatibility across all platforms. This modernisation enhances usability, extending its capabilities beyond traditional anti-virus software and evolving it into a comprehensive security platform for the consumer's digital life.

The new product set encompasses:

Kaspersky Standard: This solution aims to repel threats targeting your devices, apps and networks with security that boosts your devices and goes a little bit further with standard privacy to protect your webcams, mics and video calls.

Kaspersky Standard was recently honoured with the ‘Product of the Year’ award by AV-Comparatives for consistently delivering outstanding results in a series of tests, proving its ability to protect devices and users' personal data highly efficiently against malware attacks.

Kaspersky Plus: With this offering, users get full cyber security plus a comprehensive range of privacy tools. You can safeguard your account data, securely manage your passwords and browse, search and access content with unlimited VPN.

Kaspersky Premium: The top end of Kaspersky’s new range is a complete solution for your security, performance, privacy and identity needs. It comes with premium identity theft protection, plus priority access to our remote experts who can perform a range of services on your behalf, including installation.

‘Privacy’ remains critical and improvements here will keep users’ cameras and microphones safe from curious hackers, protect online payments and detect stalkerware. Lastly, the ‘identity’ component has been boosted by an identity protection wallet, enabling users to store sensitive documents, like a passport or driver’s licence, in a special encrypted folder. Kaspersky Premium Users will have access to 24/7 premium customer support.

Additional benefits

For parents, it is also worth noting that a Kaspersky Premium subscription also delivers a bonus, free one-year subscription to the premium version of Kaspersky’s parental control app, Safe Kids.

Safe Kids offers GPS tracking and alerts to ensure you know where your children are; a YouTube safe search option, so parents can check search histories and block inappropriate content; website filters to block adult content and customise a list of sites and apps that require permission for them to visit; and finally, the ability to manage your kids’ screen time and app usage on a daily basis.

There are multiple channels of procurement and multiple ways for an end-user to obtain these services.

So, whatever your security requirements, contact us today and we will put you in touch with the partner that is best positioned to service your exact needs.

First Distribution, in partnership with Kaspersky, is dedicated to deliver the solutions through our mass retail, sub-distributor and reseller partners.