Five features you'll find on Tarlen Carshare

Johannesburg, 19 Feb 2024
Tarlen allows you to mark cars you love as favourites.
Tarlen allows you to mark cars you love as favourites.

We know the importance of providing a smooth and error-free experience for our users, so we talked to a lot of our early adopters, including car owners that joined our waitlist and a few experienced renters. These are five most requested features from these users:

1. Comprehensive insurance protection

Safety and peace of mind are important to both our car owners and renters. Tarlen ensures every trip booked is backed by insurance, protecting both owner and renter, so they can rent out their cars or drive with confidence. Learn more about insurance and protection.

2. Flexible booking options

We’ve found that car owners want control of the way they rent their cars and renters want to book cars conveniently. We offer both “instant booking” for renters needing immediate access and “booking request” options, putting car owners in complete control of their rental terms.

3. Integrated messaging system

Communication is important to a successful rental agreement. Tarlen’s in-app messaging systems allow direct communication between users without sharing their personal information. This ensures the details of the booking/trip and other questions the renters might have about the car or the pickup/delivery location are discussed and clarified to ensure a smooth car-sharing experience.

4. Location-based search and advanced filters

Finding the perfect car near you should not be too much of a hassle. Our platform provides a location-based search functionality, along with other filter options, to help renters find vehicles close to them and specify other preferences such as instant booking availability, car delivery options and price range. This search functionality helps users find the right car and get on the road conveniently.

5. Secure payment gateway

We’re in a digital age where people prefer the ease and security of online transactions. Tarlen provides a safe payment gateway for renters, accepting both debit and credit cards. This flexibility ensures that the booking process is smooth from start to finish and caters to the needs of renters who don’t have credit cards.

Bonus: Favourites feature

Just like bookmarking a webpage or saving content you love on social media, Tarlen allows you to mark cars you love as favourites. This feature makes it easy to return to your top picks when you’re ready to book your next adventure.

Whether you’re a car owner looking to earn extra income or a renter looking to rent a vehicle, these five features are designed to make your journey with us enjoyable and hassle-free. Welcome to Tarlen, and let’s drive the future of car sharing together!