Five practical ways small businesses can use generative AI

Johannesburg, 09 Feb 2024
GenAI can help small businesses be more efficient and productive.
GenAI can help small businesses be more efficient and productive.

When one thinks of generative artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT is perhaps one of the first technologies that comes to mind. However, the writing of marketing material is just one aspect that a small business may need help with.

No matter the problem, multiple generative AI tools can assist. In this press release, we look at practical ways in which a small business can free up hands and boost efficiency through generative AI.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is technology that produces new content based on patterns and structures ‘learned’ from the training data that it was given. The content that AI tools can generate includes text, visuals, music, data, etc.

When it comes to business, generative AI can assist with customer service, support, brainstorming, analysing analytics and knowledge growth.

Five practical applications of generative AI

1. Streamline digital marketing material creation

Small businesses often lack an in-house marketing team. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Mailchimp, DALL-E, Creatopy, Synthesia and Site Builder can automate the creation of marketing content, e-mails, social media posts, product descriptions and even website development.

2. Optimise customer service

Quality customer service is crucial for brand loyalty. AI-powered chatbots such as BotPress and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp enable the handling of routine customer queries 24/7, delivering instant responses and freeing up team resources for more complex requests.

3. Leverage data analysis and insights

Data and insights play an important role in business success. Generative AI tools such as Oracle assist business owners in analysing data, identifying patterns and making informed decisions across various aspects, from inventory management to overall business strategy.

4. Brainstorm new ideas

Continual innovation is essential for staying competitive. Hyperwrite (powered by ChatGPT) is an example of a generative AI tool that aids in brainstorming and idea generation, sparking creativity and helping small business owners identify unique offerings in the marketplace.

5. Strengthen cyber security measures

Proactively safeguard your business against data breaches and cyber threats. Generative AI tools like anti-virus software can detect viruses, block malicious websites and stop malware, thereby enhancing cyber security.

Generative AI can help small businesses be more efficient and productive. However, it is important to always vet and edit the results obtained to ensure accuracy and applicability to your business.


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