Free open source iPhone unlock

By Vicky Burger, ITWeb portals content / relationship manager
Johannesburg, 14 Sept 2007

Free open source iPhone unlock

A hacker group has released a free, open source unlock for Apple's iPhone, reports InfoWorld. This was shortly after a commercial company started selling something similar for as much as $99 through a network of online resellers.

The iPhone Dev Team, a dozen programmers who began their attempts to break the iPhone's reliance on AT&T in early July, have posted their hack on download servers.

According to several sites, including Gizmodo and Engadget, the iPhone Development Team unlock exploits the same iPhone bug as the for-money iPhoneSIMFree hack.

Hosted apps drive open source

An increase in the use of hosted applications such as Webmail and Google Apps is driving the adoption of open source software behind the scenes, says

Many of the most well known names on the Internet, such as Google and Amazon, run entirely on open source software.

Dr Glyn Moody, a technology writer, says open source is not just a technological shift, but its ideals and methodologies have created a profound shift in collaboration among people.

AMD outlines open source initiative

AMD plans to provide an open source information and development package supporting the ATI Radeon HD 2000 and Radeon X1000 series of graphics processing units on Linux desktops, reports

To speed up the process, it has teamed up with Novell's Suse Linux engineering division. The initial release includes source code and hardware specifications to allow the open source community to collaborate on 2D graphics drivers.

In the coming months, AMD says it will work with developers to enable 2D, 3D and video playback acceleration to boost the overall graphics performance of Linux-based PCs.