Free up cash: Short-term rental of IT equipment and computers

Johannesburg, 31 Mar 2021

One of the most important decisions you have to make when running a business is whether to buy or rent IT and computer equipment. Both buying and renting IT equipment have their pros and cons, but more and more companies are beginning to rely on renting computer equipment and other technology.

Renting hardware can be easily done, unlike in the past when this was more of a challenge. It’s also scalable, so you can add equipment easily as your company and staff grow.

Renting is key to freeing up cash, keeping your team happy, surpassing your competition, and staying up to date in your market.

Universe Direct is providing businesses with refurbished IT equipment and computer rentals – a solution that may be far more beneficial to a company’s bottom line, saving the company money and affording it a great deal more benefit than if it had bought an asset. Also, by choosing to buy refurbished IT equipment, you are still able to buy leading brand devices.

“Renting is an operation expense (OpEx), not a capital expense (CapEx). This means your rental payments are viewed as a simple monthly business expense," says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct.

Universe Direct also undertakes to upgrade your rental equipment to meet your ever-changing needs, at no additional cost.

All refurbished equipment from Universe Direct has undergone certified cleansing and stringent testing. “The refurbished hardware has gone through the wringer and come out shiny and renewed,” says Craig.

Universe Direct IT rentals provide a range of specialist services and expertise to assist in ensuring you get the absolute best out of your lease agreements. Universe Direct ensures it stocks all the relevant parts and offers a comprehensive guarantee on all its equipment.

Rent IT equipment and computers from Universe Direct. You can align your lease period with your equipment lifecycle to maximise your investment and suit your exact business needs, avoiding costly downtime and maintenance.

Contact us now and free up cash.


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