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Getting full value from Teams: Features that could revolutionise the way you work

Johannesburg, 14 Dec 2023
Microsoft Teams – a powerful tool.
Microsoft Teams – a powerful tool.

Microsoft’s collaborative workspace, Teams, is possibly the most powerful tool Microsoft has ever released, yet few local businesses are getting full value from it.

So says Louis Koen, founder and owner of Crimson Line, a managed IT and cloud service specialist consultancy and Microsoft Managed Gold Partner.

“Many local organisations have access to Teams and use it only for video conferencing. They are missing out on literally hundreds of collaboration opportunities and applications. Teams isn’t a video conferencing tool – it’s a phenomenal collaboration tool that’s changing the way people work. Where our own team was once on e-mail 90% of the time, now we’re on Teams 90% of the time. Microsoft is folding all of their technologies into Teams, so you can harness automation and AI, and build integrations into every aspect of operations,” he says.

Koen says: “The possibilities are endless and ever-evolving. We help organisations to get started with basic Teams training, then we assist by helping them dive deeper into the components of the product suite.

Theo Wilken, Sales Director at Crimson Line, says: “The Teams training invariably opens up a new world for customers. They are amazed at the capabilities and integrations that are possible. Teams can become the ‘head office’ for daily activity in the modern business.”

Crimson Line uses Teams for all communication and collaboration, including tasks and even the company PABX system. By making and receiving all calls via Teams, the organisation eliminates the need for voice call allocations, and only issues data packages. Teams mobile apps allow remote and mobile workforces to continue collaborating and communicating wherever they are.

Wilken elaborates: “We use Teams features to drive engagement and interactivity with remote forces, for example, using a poll to ask how they are feeling today, or building an app for employees to order any supplies they need in the office. You can collect information very quickly through a Teams survey. It’s also a fantastic solution to get alerts on potential overspend, project progress or security changes. Our financial department uses Teams tasks to automatically remind staff to submit their expense slips and invoices. Teams gives you access to data that’s rich and visual.”

Teams is built on Microsoft 365 groups, Microsoft Graph and the same enterprise-level security, compliance and manageability as the rest of Microsoft 365.

Says Wilken: “Whatever size the organisation, Teams can improve collaboration and drive automation and efficiency. Crimson Line training and support helps organisations understand the features and benefits Teams offers, and enables them to get full value from their Teams investment.”

Xhead = Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams:

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