Guide: Security in the era of hybrid work

A guide and checklist for implementing comprehensive security.

Johannesburg, 09 Oct 2023
Make the best choices for protecting business documents and data.
Make the best choices for protecting business documents and data.

As we evolve to new ways of working, devices, documents and data remain the life force of every business. Following the scramble to keep businesses running, flexible working has become the new normal. Have you done enough to stay protected wherever work gets done?

The data we depend on to drive business also put our organisations at considerable risk. A breach of any type can be devastating – causing chaos and distrust, plummeting stock prices and even garnering disciplinary actions and large fines from regulators.

We created this eBook to help your organisation make the best choices for protecting business documents and data by securing the print infrastructure that house them. It’s designed to assist all individuals and organisations, regardless of their role or size, in comprehending the necessary procedures and policies for ensuring optimal security of their IT infrastructure. This includes external assets beyond the corporate firewall.

Refer to the checklist within this eBook often and share it with colleagues. When everyone is well informed and on the same page, you can be more confident in your security decisions and the cyber health of your organisation.

Does your security strategy meet the demands of this new hybrid work era? Can you prove compliance beyond a shadow of a doubt? Few companies are as secure as they think.