HCLTech to guide market on how to harness power of GenAI

Johannesburg, 27 Oct 2023
Dr Mohsen Amiribesheli, senior technical architect/ AI lead at HCLTech.
Dr Mohsen Amiribesheli, senior technical architect/ AI lead at HCLTech.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the advent of generative AI (GenAI) marks a significant milestone towards achieving unparalleled innovation and solving complex problems.


31 October 2023 The Forum, Bryanston

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This is according to HCLTech , a leading provider of emerging, disruptive technologies including cloud and GenAI.

The company is participating in the 2023 ITWeb Cloud and Data Centre Summit on 31 October at The Forum, Bryanston, where Dr Mohsen Amiribesheli, Senior Technical Architect and AI Lead at HCLTech will advise businesses on how best to harness the power of GenAI to accelerate digital transformation.

Dr Amiribesheli will offer insights into decision-making regarding GenAI adoption and detail critical considerations, including aligning of large language models to support business objectives.

He says: “GenAI’s emerging trajectory is a testament to its pivotal role in digital transformation. As businesses increasingly engage with this technology, a new horizon of innovation and problem-solving capabilities unfolds. The democratisation of GenAI tools is catalysing a broader acceptance among end-users and customers, thereby urging organisations to invest in GenAI. This investment, in turn, is poised to enrich customer engagement and experience, embedding a deeper sense of innovation in products and services offered.

“The decision-making process surrounding GenAI adoption necessitates a thorough evaluation of various factors, including the choice between cloud, on-premises and hyperscaler solutions. Establishing a robust data strategy, ensuring data privacy and security and making informed decisions on the architectural construct and choice of tools or models are integral to creating a resilient, flexible and secure framework for GenAI adoption within an organisation.”

HCLTech’s strategic approach to leveraging GenAI is geared towards driving digital transformation effectively.

“By delving into real-world use cases and practical insights, we aim to shed light on the transformative potential of GenAI,” Dr Amiribesheli adds.

As technology development accelerates, ensuring a streamlined data strategy and a well-thought-out adoption framework is crucial for organisations to harness the full potential of GenAI.

HCLTech is at the forefront of navigating this digital transformation journey.

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