HOSTAFRICA acquires deepAfrica's hosting assets to become a leading domain provider in Kenya

Johannesburg, 11 Jul 2024
This is HOSTAFRICA's fourth strategic Kenyan acquisition.
This is HOSTAFRICA's fourth strategic Kenyan acquisition.

Continuing its expansion in Kenya, HOSTAFRICA acquires deepAfrica's domains and hosting assets. The prominent Kenyan-based hosting company becomes its fourth strategic Kenyan acquisition. It allows HOSTAFRICA to further expand its existing office in Nairobi to serve customers in the local fast-growing market in Kenya.

deepAfrica, founded in May 2004, has positioned itself as a reputable web host. Its assets include the customer bases of and deepAfrica's assets are being integrated into HOSTAFRICA’s operations, allowing a seamless flow.

Michael Osterloh, CEO of HOSTAFRICA, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic acquisition. "This move highlights our commitment to expanding our footprint across Africa. deepAfrica's strong reputation and assets will enhance our service offerings and market presence. We applaud George Nyaswenta and his team for establishing a competitive hosting business. We welcome deepAfrica into the HOSTAFRICA family."

HOSTAFRICA’s rapid growth from its crucial strategy consolidates a fragmented hosting market. This key focus area is through strategic acquisitions of companies with excellent service. It has extended its reach while maintaining a high level of support. This dedication has earned HOSTAFRICA the trust of thousands of customers across Africa.

George Nyaswenta, owner of deepAfrica, commented on the acquisition. "Joining HOSTAFRICA marks an exciting new chapter for our company and customers. Their extensive resources and commitment to high standards are a win for our clients. We are confident it will be a smooth transition, beneficial for all parties involved."

deepAfrica will remain a holding company for its construction and web design businesses. Its hosting assets and brands will rebrand to HOSTAFRICA. deepAfrica's clients will experience seamless integration and continued high-quality service under HOSTAFRICA.

This growth demonstrates HOSTAFRICA's commitment to excellence in the African hosting market. The start-up ecosystem in Africa is experiencing significant growth. Twelve African countries in a 2023 report ranked in the top 100 globally. South Africa ranked first at 52, with Kenya and Nigeria close behind at positions 63 and 64. This acquisition backs HOSTAFRICA's investments in expanding in key markets across Africa. It has propelled HOSTAFRICA as a leader, meeting the diverse hosting businesses' needs.

HOSTAFRICA's pioneering spirit and strategic investments continue to set new benchmarks. As the continent's digital landscape evolves, HOSTAFRICA is providing exceptional technology and service. It is redefining what web hosting means in Africa, serving all markets. 



Founded in 2008 by Michael Osterloh and experienced hosting entrepreneurs, HOSTAFRICA has rapidly become a pivotal force in Africa's digital landscape. Dedicated to empowering businesses within Africa's burgeoning economy, the company provides a broad spectrum of online solutions, including websites, e-commerce platforms, and VPS services. With operations expanding to Nigeria in 2021 ( and Kenya in 2022, HOSTAFRICA has solidified its presence across the continent.

Renowned for its exceptional customer support, HOSTAFRICA has garnered top customer reviews, boasting a 4.9 out of 5 rating on the respected customer review platform HelloPeter. This high level of support is vital for customers new to the online business arena. HOSTAFRICA distinguishes itself by offering personalised support and industry-leading response times, ensuring that all clients, regardless of their experience level, are well-supported in their digital endeavours.

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