How iSSC AI Revitalize can transform your data with AI, Microsoft Copilot

A new software that uses artificial intelligence to revive old archived data and make it accessible and useful for your organisation.

Johannesburg, 14 Jun 2024
Ai Ravi (iSSC Software).
Ai Ravi (iSSC Software).

What is iSSC AI Revitalize?

iSSC AI Revitalize is a new software developed by iSSC group, which positions itself as a leading company in data management and analytics. iSSC AI Revitalize uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to scan, analyse and enrich your old archived data, and turn it into a valuable asset for your organisation. Whether you have data stored in databases, files, cloud or any other format, iSSC AI Revitalize can help you unlock its potential and discover new insights.

How does iSSC AI Revitalize work?

iSSC AI Revitalize works by using artificial intelligence to identify, extract and transform your data. It can handle any type of data, such as text, images, audio, video or structured data. It can also deal with any quality of data, such as incomplete, inconsistent or outdated data. iSSC AI Revitalize uses machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and other AI techniques to clean, enrich and categorise your data. It can also generate new data, such as summaries, captions, keywords or labels, based on your data.

How can you access your data with iSSC AI Revitalize?

One of the most innovative features of iSSC AI Revitalize is that it uses Microsoft Copilot as the interface to access your data. Microsoft Copilot is a powerful tool that helps you write code faster and better, by suggesting lines of code based on your context and intent. With iSSC AI Revitalize, you can use Microsoft Copilot to query, explore and manipulate your data using natural language or code. You can also use Microsoft Copilot to generate reports, dashboards or visualisations based on your data. iSSC AI Revitalize and Microsoft Copilot work together to make your data more accessible and useful for your organisation.

What are the benefits of iSSC AI Revitalize?

iSSC AI Revitalize can bring many benefits to your organisation, such as:

  • Reducing the cost and complexity of data storage and management.
  • Increasing the value and utility of your data.
  • Improving the quality and accuracy of your data.
  • Enhancing the security and privacy of your data.
  • Discovering new insights and opportunities from your data.
  • Empowering your team to work with data more efficiently and effectively.

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