Huawei commits $50m to train 2m ICT professionals

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 28 Feb 2020

Chinese multinational, Huawei has pledged a $50 million-five year investment to train two million ICT professionals, as part of the next phase of its Huawei ICT Academy Programme.

The academy, launched in 2013, is part of Huawei's digital inclusion initiative, TECH4ALL, which is intended to expand the access and benefits of ICT training throughout the globe.

The second phase of the initiative, the Huawei ICT Academy Programme 2.0, was introduced this week at the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference-Live in Shenzhen, China.

It seeks to provide ICT courses and support services to universities and colleges throughout the globe to help them train students, post-grad students and teachers to establish and optimise ICT majors, improve the curriculum system, and build standard labs.

It also aims to introduce students to Huawei's ICT technologies and products in universities around the world, encouraging them to participate in Huawei certification, and developing innovative and application-oriented technical talent for societies and the global ICT industry.

To cement its plans, the Huawei says it will set up the Huawei ICT Academy Development Incentive Fund (ADIF), which will focus on different areas of implementation.

Since 2015, Huawei says it has partnered with more than 600 international universities by setting up Huawei ICT academies within the campuses, and has trained more than 1 500 teachers.

In August last year, Huawei SA, in partnership with the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, announced plans to launch free online and on-site training in 5G and fourth industrial revolution technologies, targeting 6 000 South Africans, who are either post-graduate ICT students or practitioners.

The initiative, which is part of the Seeds for the Future training programme, kicked off this week.

In November the company launched its Developer Programme in SA aimed at creating training and development opportunities for local developers, through hands-on workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions and support.

The Huawei ADIF that will focus on four key pillars of the Huawei ICT Academy Programme 2.0:

lProviding teaching experiment equipment for cooperative universities to improve students' practical skills.

lTraining teachers through ADIF, providing free exam vouchers to encourage students to take Huawei's certification exams, and setting up an education fund to reward excellent teachers and students.

lHolding the Huawei ICT Competition to provide a platform for students to communicate with their peers and show their talents.

lCooperating with partners on ICT Talent Job Fairs to help students find jobs and promote efficient matching between talent supply and demand.