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New Nokia, Samsung phones to be unwrapped at MWC

Mobile World Congress will take place next week in Barcelona and thousands of people are expected to attend.

Nissan gets ready to take on Uber


The firm hopes to become an operator of autonomous transportation services and break into a segment set to be dominated by Uber.

4G drone tracking tech on the cards for SA


Vodafone continues to re-invent its business strategy with the introduction of IOT drone tracking and safety technology.

Artificial intelligence could be hackers' ultimate weapon

Rapid AI advances raise the prospect of misuse of AI by rogue states, criminals and lone-wolf attackers.

How to survive AI and automation

Some of the pure skills involved in project management increasingly will be done by the machines, says the McKinsey Global Institute.

Bitcoin has 'pretty much failed' as a currency


The crypto-currency is neither a store of value nor a useful way to buy things, says Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

Open source intelligent solutions to transform work, businesses

New open source intelligent solutions are set to change the way people interact with systems and to transform their businesses, says SUSE.

Virtually experience sights, sounds of great migration

16 Feb

The Maasai Mara wildebeest crossing has been captured in virtual reality by a South African team and is available for public viewing this weekend.

MS Azure comes to rescue of on-the-brink rhinos

Microsoft Azure is a hi-tech artificial intelligence solution for the age-old rhino poaching problem, which saw over a thousand of the animals killed in SA last year.

Africa shackled to fossil fuels until 2033

Renewable energy will emerge victorious in Africa only in 2033 or later, even though renewable economics are unquestionably already improving.

VW moves on from 'dieselgate' with Apple inspiration

Volkswagen redefines its values for the age of electrification and selects Apple as its muse.

Intensifying the potential of BI, analytics

Machines will not take over the world and erase humanity in the near future, says Praesignis.

Rich crypto-currency rewards for researchers

A blockchain-powered network will reward quality research with its own crypto-currency.