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IA Systems announces release of Open Office Integration for Open Text eDOCS

Johannesburg, 15 Aug 2008

IA Systems, a value-added reseller for Open Text, today announced the release of the Open Text eDOCS OOI (Open Office Integration).

The extensive Open Text eDOCS customer base in government and the public sector's strategic intent to move to open source created the need for ECM (electronic content management) to integrate into the new open source office applications using the "ODF" (Open Document Format).

After extensive interaction with key customers, we are pleased to release eDOCS OOI. The application supports Open Office 2.4 and has direct integration into Open Text eDOCS versions 5.1, 5.2 and 6.

Customers are now able to save all "ODF" documents including those created in "Calc, Writer or Impress". These documents are saved with all attributes, including security and retention, as if they were working within a Microsoft environment.

Says Malcolm van den Berg, IA Systems Product Director: "This is only the first step in meeting our clients' needs; some future development will be looking at the browser support for Open Text eDOCS as well as the support for Linux.

"This is a very strategic move for IA Systems as we have an extensive client base within national government and forms part of our overall focus on meeting our customers' needs. We have invested heavily in research and development resources to make this possible."

For further information, please contact Malcolm van den Berg:


IA Systems and eDOCS

IA Systems is in the business of managing, controlling and making available companies intellectual assets, which includes data, documents, people and process. This is achieved by providing total turnkey solutions incorporating both products and services. These products include the Open Text eDOCS offerings from Open Text.

Open Text's eDOCS (Hummingbird) Enterprise provides an integrated platform for enterprise content management (ECM). The solutions are designed as modular applications that are fully interoperable with each other, enabling our customers to incrementally build an ECM solution to meet their evolving information needs in the most cost-effective manner.

IA Systems' customer base includes organisations across both the private and public sector such as The Presidency, Department of Science and Technology, The South African Parliament, Anglo Coal, Multotec, Metro Rail, Mondi Packaging and Multichoice.