IBM rolls out AI solution to manage cloud carbon footprint

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2023
IBM's new tool helps track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across cloud services.
IBM's new tool helps track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across cloud services.

IBM has launched a new tool to help enterprises track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across hybrid and multicloud services.

The IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator is an AI-informed dashboard designed to help clients access emissions data across a variety of IBM Cloud workloads.

IBM says the solution is designed to spot patterns, anomalies and outliers in data that are potentially associated with higher emissions. It enables clients to visualise and track GHG emissions associated with individual cloud services and locations, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Based on technology from IBM Research and through a collaboration with Intel, the tool uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to help organisations detect emissions hot spots in their IT workloads. They can use the insights they gained to adjust their strategies in near real time to optimise workloads across locations and ultimately help reduce emissions.

IBM Cloud and IBM Research plan to continue collaborating and engaging with partners to execute programmes to reduce compute related GHG emissions.

Julia Carvalho, GM of IBM Africa growth markets, says organisations need access to standards-based greenhouse gas emissions data to manage their cloud carbon footprint  as they adopt and deploy hybrid, multicloud and AI solutions. "This is especially important in Africa as we remain vulnerable to climate change and climate variability,” she adds.