iBurst disconnections cause uproar

By Kaunda Chama, ITWeb features editor
Johannesburg, 21 Apr 2005

A spate of disconnections from the iBurst service, provided by Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), has unleashed a flood of complaints from disgruntled users.

This follows the bandwidth cap that was introduced by WBS at the beginning of this month.

iBurst customers who exceeded the new 3GB cap had their accounts suspended this week, for what the company terms "inordinate consumption of bandwidth".

WBS stole significant market share at the end of last year when it hit the market with its iBurst broadband wireless service, amid bad publicity around Telkom ADSL and Sentech services.

Most of the complainants signed up for the service during the pre-launch period when there was no cap in effect.

The users complain they were never warned their service would be suspended if they exceeded their cap. They also say it was stipulated that once the allocated 3GB had been exceeded, the user would be placed on a slower 64Kbps throttle service.

However, users over the limit were told this week that their accounts had been suspended, and if they wanted more bandwidth, they would have to buy more in lumps of 1GB or 3GB.

Over 150 users have been affected and claim to have received numerous unsatisfactory answers from the WBS contact centre.

WBS was not available for comment at the time of publication.

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