ICT heavyweights appointed to MMA SA board

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By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 18 Aug 2022
The new board of Mobile Marketing Association South Africa.
The new board of Mobile Marketing Association South Africa.

The Mobile Marketing Association South Africa (MMA SA) has appointed a new board, consisting of executives from Meta, MTN SA and Samsung SA, among others, who will drive the direction of the organisation over a two-year term.

The 20-member board will be chaired by Vincent Maher, group executive head of digital for the MultiChoice Group.

The board members represent a diversity of industries in SA’s digital innovation space and hold senior C-suite or executive positions.

According to a statement, nominees were identified for their alignment to the MMA’s vision and contribution, as SA’s mobile industry increasingly adapts to new technologies.

The board consists of ICT industry heavyweights, including Yaron Assabi, CEO of Digital Solutions Group; Luisa Mazinter, chief growth officer at fintech group 42Markets; Dudu Mokholo, CMO of Samsung SA; Elizma Nolte, head of marketing at Meta (formally Facebook); Andrew Kramer, MD of Digital Turbine; Denvor Daniels, senior manager of mobile advertising at MTN SA; and Standard Bank executive head of platforms and channel management Sagren Pather, among others.

As board members, they will direct the organisation’s focus towards productive targets and take on projects focused on the emergence of Web3, says MMA SA.

According to Maher, the new board will work closely with MMA SA to shape its contribution to the local mobile marketing industry.

“The new board has a great track record of marketing and digital innovation across retail, FMCG, financial institutions, broadcasting, publishing and agencies.

“All members are actively involved in leading marketing and digital transformation in their corporations and industries, and have a wealth of practical experience and insights to contribute, in support of MMA SA objectives,” he says.

Comprised of over 800 member companies globally and 14 regional offices, the MMA brings together the full ecosystem of mobile marketers, tech providers and sellers working collaboratively to shape the future.

Its global headquarters are located in New York, with regional operations in Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Latin America.

Projects the board will drive this year include data maturity, a brand as performance research initiative, marketing growth frameworks – a marketer’s guide − and lastly, building Africa’s most reputable case study hub for digital campaigns, highlighting innovations while outlining campaign effectiveness though its impact on business, as reported in the annual Warc and MMA partnership for the Business Impact Index.

The board will also ensure relevant MMA global programmes and research studies are leveraged at a South African level, to benefit the mobile marketing industry to make better business decisions, notes the association.