Identify, secure the best technical talent in sea of talent with JustSolve

JustSolve offers a lifeline for hiring managers drowning in CVs, helping them identify the right technical talent from the get-go.

Johannesburg, 12 Jun 2024
JustSolve helps hiring professionals to navigate a sea of technical CVs with ease.
JustSolve helps hiring professionals to navigate a sea of technical CVs with ease.

In today's competitive hiring landscape, identifying the right tech talent can be quite daunting, particularly for non-technical hiring managers and professionals. Even technical managers find themselves stretched thin and have limited capacity to conduct interviews and technical assessments, while trying to balance their normal daily duties.

JustSolve's service aims to assist businesses in evaluating and identifying the right technical talent from the get-go, saving you valuable time and resources, while advancing the quality of candidates coming through the application pipeline.

Tanya Du Plessis, Talent Manager at JustSolve, emphasised: “With the flood of resumes pouring into HR departments, particularly for technical roles, effective screening has become increasingly important. Recognising this challenge and acknowledging that HR professionals are not typically trained in technical evaluation, outsourcing to JustSolve allows HR departments to leverage specialised expertise.”

Building upon this point, she added: "Our Talent Solutions service has been designed to mitigate the risk of spending countless hours on resumes that result in no technical hires and to free up the technical manager's time by only providing qualified shortlisted candidates for consideration."

How JustSolve empowers your HR and technical departments:

JustSolve supports your HR and technical departments by seamlessly integrating into your current hiring process, leveraging their expertise in evaluating technical candidate competencies and skills, empowering you to navigate the hiring process, among others, through:

  • Screening interviews
  • Technical skills assessment
  • Technical interviews
  • Psychometric assessments (HPCSA registered)
  • Background checks
  • Reference checks
  • Talent acquisition (recruitment)

The goal is to provide clients with insights on each candidate that will drive informed decision-making, while ensuring a positive and seamless candidate experience.

The technical evaluation services typically occur after the initial screening of candidates, serving as a pivotal step in the evaluation process during talent acquisition. It differs from recruitment in that it focuses specifically on assessing candidates' technical abilities rather than sourcing or attracting them.

JustSolve’s evaluation framework and extensive industry experience are the reasons for the consistent success of its staff augmentation and outsourcing projects.

Don’t get lost in a sea of CVs, let JustSolve work towards discovering and securing the right tech talent for your business.

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