Implementing XDR has never been easier with Dolos, WatchGuard Technologies

Johannesburg, 05 Apr 2024
XDR enhances security.
XDR enhances security.

The growing complexity of cyber threats and the increased diversification of security technologies can result in an expanding workload for cyber security teams.

Additionally, overwhelmed security teams face difficulties in effectively countering advanced threats due to limited visibility and disparate security tools, leading to slow detection times and challenges in responding accurately. Today's security experts require a unified security architecture to swiftly identify, contain and respond to emerging threats.

“XDR enhances security by aggregating and presenting cross-platform detections from computers, servers and firewalls in a unified manner, offering security professionals contextual insights into threat detections and empowering them to respond swiftly to advanced threats,” says Dominic Richardson, CEO at Dolos.

Dolos, specialist distributor for WatchGuard Technologies in Africa and the Middle East, has enabled MSPs (managed service providers) to deliver cost-effective and user-friendly extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities to the market with the XDR solution, WatchGuard ThreatSync.

This XDR solution is integrated into the Unified Security Platform framework, streamlining adaptation and learning. Being multi-product and fully integrated, it also lowers costs related to configuring and integrating solutions.

Connect with the Dolos team to find out how your organisation can accelerate threat detection and response with WatchGuard ThreatSync.

Join Dolos for its complimentary webinar on 10 April, which will feature the company's CTO, Matthew Stevens, delving deeply into WatchGuard's XDR technology.



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