inDrive introduces Safety Pact for drivers, riders

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 21 Jul 2023
inDrive urges drivers and riders to opt in on its new Safety Pact.
inDrive urges drivers and riders to opt in on its new Safety Pact.

Bargain-your-ride e-hailing service inDrive has introduced a Safety Pact on its web and mobile application. The three-sided agreement between passengers, drivers and inDrive will ensure adherence to the company’s code of conduct.

According to a statement, the company encourages passengers and drivers to agree to the code of conduct by opting-in via the app, in efforts to promote mutual respect and secure practices for riders and drivers on the platform.

The pact also encourages drivers and passengers to use the “power of choice” – by allowing drivers and passengers to pick their driver or passenger, based on past ratings and reviews.

Along with the new pact, the e-hailer says it has established an online Safety Centre, to provide drivers with comprehensive training materials and valuable tips, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to prioritise safety, while operating on the platform.

“Safety is critically important to inDrive. The wellbeing of people who use our app is our first priority,” notes Vincent Lilane, business development representative at inDrive Southern Africa.

“We know that to maximise safety, all three parties – inDrive, passengers and drivers – must play their part, and so our Safety Pact invites all our passengers and drivers to help make every ride a safe one. For our part, we know that effective policies and features go a long way to ensuring safety.”

Since inception, South Africa’s e-hailing industry has been plagued by violence, with many drivers being victimised and harassed by metered taxi industry rivals and criminals. Others have been hijacked and killed in the line of duty.

This week, some drivers across SA participated in an app shutdown protest, to call for the introduction of a regulatory framework that would improve working conditions, safety and wages for the industry.

InDrive says it continuously prioritises safety by refining its safety measures to ensure the protection of its users. It also leverages ride data, user input and expert consultations.