Industrial label printing: Frontrunners 2023

Johannesburg, 22 Aug 2023
Industrial label printers.
Industrial label printers.

Zebra industrial label printers featured products

Industrial label printers are essential tools in various industries, providing durable, high-quality labels for challenging environments. These printers serve tough industries, offering sturdiness, user-friendliness and efficiency.

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Considering Zebra’s dynamic printer portfolio, it can be challenging to choose from so many of the fantastic printers available, especially when it comes to specific printing needs. As a result, we’d like to reintroduce you to two of the frontrunners in industrial label printing

The ZT231 industrial label printer

Zebra ZT111 is a user-friendly industrial label printer.
Zebra ZT111 is a user-friendly industrial label printer.

The dependable Zebra ZT111 is a user-friendly industrial label printer. With only a three-button interface, the ZT111 will make training straightforward. As an entry-level model, it provides a wide range of print operations as well as a fast print speed. As a result, it reliably and quickly produces high-quality labels at resolutions of 203dpi or 300dpi – ideal for making retail tags, shipping labels and labelling lab samples.

The ZT111 improves flexibility with its small size and compact design, prospective upgradeability and large ribbon roll capacity, with many available communication choices, including serial and ethernet, the ZT111 makes things simple. With integrated Zebra-only software features that make integration, management and security simple, you can get more use out of your printer.