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  • Industry-first innovations in Pure Storage platform help customers keep pace with AI’s rapid evolution

Industry-first innovations in Pure Storage platform help customers keep pace with AI’s rapid evolution

AI storage as a service and other solutions showcased at //Accelerate deliver the best foundation for AI and cyber resilience.

Las Vegas – Pure Storage//Accelerate, 25 Jun 2024
Pure redefines enterprise storage.
Pure redefines enterprise storage.

Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG), which positions itself as the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technologies and services, today announced new capabilities in the Pure Storage platform that are changing the game for how IT and business leaders can radically improve their ability to deploy AI, improve cyber resilience and modernise their applications.

The Pure Storage platform delivers agility and risk reduction to organisations with a simple, consistent storage platform and an as a service experience for the broadest set of use cases across on-premises, public cloud and hosted environments. At the heart of the platform, the often imitated but never duplicated Evergreen architecture brings continuous and non-disruptive upgrades, helping enterprises adapt to dynamic business environments. With the industry’s record number of concurrent SLAs, customers get the reliability, performance and sustainability their business requires.

“Pure is redefining enterprise storage with a single, unified data storage platform that can address virtually all enterprise storage needs, including the most pressing challenges and opportunities IT leaders face today, like AI and cyber resilience. The Pure Storage platform delivers unparalleled consistency, resilience and SLA-guaranteed data storage services, reducing costs and uncertainty in an increasingly complex business landscape.” – Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO, Pure Storage

Today, Pure Storage announced new innovations in the platform including:

  • First-of-its-kind storage automation: Pure Fusion unifies arrays and optimises storage pools on the fly across structured and unstructured data, on-premises and in the cloud. Now fully embedded into the Purity operating environment designed to continually get better over time via non-disruptive upgrades, the next-generation Pure Fusion will be available across the entire Pure Storage platform to all global customers.
  • Industry-first generative AI copilot for storage: Extending Pure Storage’s leadership position as the innovator in simplicity, the first AI copilot for storage represents a radically new way to manage and protect data using natural language. This leverages data insights from tens of thousands of Pure Storage customers to guide storage teams through every step of investigating complex performance and management issues and staying ahead of security incidents.

Accelerating AI success in the enterprise with the Pure Storage Platform

In the new Innovation Race survey of 1 500 global CIOs and decision-makers commissioned by Pure Storage, nearly all respondents (98%) state that their organisation’s data infrastructure must improve to support initiatives like AI. AI is evolving so rapidly that IT is struggling to keep up, much less predict what’s next. Companies large and small are realising that they are locked into inflexible storage architectures lacking enterprise-grade reliability, unable to resize or upgrade performance without complex and risky infrastructure planning.

Pure Storage is introducing new innovations in the platform that help businesses accelerate successful AI deployments today, and future-proof for tomorrow. The Pure Storage platform empowers organisations to unlock the value of their data with AI, while delivering agility to instantly scale capacity and performance up and down independently, without disruption.

  • New Evergreen//One for AI – First purpose-built AI storage as a service: Provides guaranteed storage performance for GPUs to support training, inference and HPC workloads, extending Pure Storage's leadership position for capacity subscriptions and introduces the ability to purchase based on dynamic performance and throughput needs. The new SLA uniquely delivers the performance needed and eliminates the need for planning or overbuying by paying for throughput performance.
  • Secure application workspaces with fine-grained access controls: Combines Kubernetes container management, secure multi-tenancy and policy governance tools to enable advanced data integrations between enterprise mission-critical data and AI clusters. This makes storage infrastructure transparent to application owners, who gain fully automated access to AI innovation without sacrificing security, independence or control.

Pure to expand and accelerate enterprise adoption of AI with planned NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD certification

Pure Storage was among the first enterprise storage vendors to work with NVIDIA to achieve NVIDIA DGX BasePOD certification and NVIDIA OVX validation. Building on this pioneering collaboration for AI-ready infrastructure, Pure expects to be a certified storage solution for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD by the end of 2024.

Pure Storage’s ethernet-based storage solution simplifies the integration and deployment of large-scale training and inference and helps democratise AI to enterprises that are eager to accelerate their AI initiatives. Pure’s industry-leading energy efficiency, consuming up to 85% less energy than alternative all-flash storage solutions, can help customers overcome data centre power constraints in large AI clusters.

“Enterprises adopting AI need storage performance and flexibility as they architect their infrastructure to address AI workloads at scale. Pure Storage’s certification with the NVIDIA DGX and OVX platforms helps deliver highly performant solutions for customers at every stage of their AI journey.” – Charlie Boyle, Vice President of DGX Platform, NVIDIA

Customer perspectives

“As more businesses rely on automation and AI to make near real-time decisions, at ServiceNow we are committed to meeting their needs. That starts with 24/7 performance and reliability. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner than Pure Storage to scale with our rapid growth. Projects that take other companies three years, take only three months using Pure’s enterprise data storage platform. With Pure, we can do it faster and we can make the enhancements needed to fuel our customers’ success.” – Keith Martin, Vice-President of Global Cloud Engineering, ServiceNow

"At Paylocity, data flexibility, precision and automation are critical to empowering our customers to make strategic human capital decisions swiftly and accurately. We see incredible value in Pure Fusion to unlock both flexibility and self-service for our developers. Pure Fusion promises the true cloud operating model we need to innovate faster and more efficiently, and ultimately deliver valuable outcomes to our customers in the future." – Dave Pinkawa, Engineering Manager – Virtualization, Paylocity

Also announced today at Pure //Accelerate:

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Pure Storage

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) delivers the industry’s most advanced data storage platform to store, manage, and protect the world’s data at any scale. With Pure Storage, organizations have ultimate simplicity and flexibility, saving time, money, and energy. From AI to archive, Pure Storage delivers a cloud experience with one unified Storage as-a-Service platform across on premises, cloud, and hosted environments. Our platform is built on our Evergreen architecture that evolves with your business – always getting newer and better with zero planned downtime, guaranteed. Our customers are actively increasing their capacity and processing power while significantly reducing their carbon and energy footprint. It’s easy to fall in love with Pure Storage, as evidenced by the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry. For more information, visit

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