Infobip and Nokia partner to empower developers

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 03 May 2024
Matija Ražem, VP of business development at Infobip.
Matija Ražem, VP of business development at Infobip.

Cloud communications platform Infobip and Nokia have announced a partnership agreement to enable developers to leverage both companies’ application programmable interfaces (APIs) and build telco network-powered applications.

Infobip’s Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provides developers with APIs for integrating omnichannel communications features such as SMS, voice, video, chat apps, and network APIs into their applications.

Nokia’s Network as Code platform with developer portal offers developers APIs for tapping into 5G network capabilities like quality of service (QoS) on demand, device location precision and network slicing, as well as 4G capabilities. This platform brings together networks from around the world, along with systems integrators and software developers, into a unified ecosystem. It uses technical standards produced through industry initiatives such as the GSMA Open Gateway initiative and the Linux Foundation CAMARA. Nokia and Infobip contribute to both initiatives.

Infobip’s customer engagement use cases include CAMARA-compliant Number Verify and SIM Swap APIs, which are already live. The firm is also working to bring further use cases to market, including Device Location and Quality on Demand APIs, having now signed 12 API collaboration agreements.

Matija Ražem, VP of business development at Infobip said: “We will continue to build and offer additional CAMARA-compliant APIs worldwide, working closely with our telco partners to expose customer experience friendly APIs to developers.”

According to the partners, developers can integrate capabilities into their applications faster, relative to working separately with the two companies’ platforms.

Shkumbin Hamiti, head of network monetisation platform, cloud, and network services at Nokia, says: "It's about expanding choice and scale and giving developers a one-stop shop for extracting value from Infobip’s and Nokia’s platforms. We look forward to working with Infobip and maximising our respective technologies.”

Nokia has signed collaboration agreements with 11 network operators and ecosystem partners to use the Network as Code platform with developer portal since its launch in September 2023.