InfoTech plans disruptive expansion

Johannesburg, 14 Nov 2022
Mauritz du Toit, CEO, InfoTech.
Mauritz du Toit, CEO, InfoTech.

InfoTech, a multi-disciplinary IT company, is seeking to always be disruptive and to expand its services, offerings and solutions across South Africa and the African market.

Mauritz du Toit, InfoTech CEO, explains that it offers a range of ICT solutions that are focused on delivering true business value to customers in real-time. These span from enterprise solutions, IaaS (private cloud hosting), BaaS, DRaaS and managed services.

Now, the 40-year-old company wants to take these offerings into the broader South African and African market, relying on its reputation as a trusted advisor with a highly skilled team. “We ensure that our customers' expectations are met every time, on time,” says Du Toit.

The company believes that its values, key in this time of work-from-home, will be vital in driving its success. “Company values give our employees purpose. Purpose improves employee satisfaction and builds trust with customers,” he explains.

  • Respect and fairness;
  • Trust and integrity;
  • Teamwork;
  • Work life balance;
  • Make a difference in the world by innovatively improving life;
  • Growing mindset (open to innovative ideas);
  • Customer commitment; and
  • Honesty.

Its culture will also help drive its growth ambitions. “Family first is part of our culture. Culture is everything and understanding each other's culture and difference makes us a varied and united team,” says Du Toit.

He explains further that InfoTech’s team culture is very vibrant with great work ethic and friendship. “Offering a family environment is very important and forms part of the team’s culture. Our customers also become ‘family’ members as we always ensure we form long-term relationships with all of them.”

Successful growth

InfoTech has successfully been expanding its customer base from 1980, when it started four decades ago, to now by listening to a customer’s requirements and current challenges, and then providing an integrated business strategy with a bespoke solution that will ensure business growth. “Regardless of whether a company scales up and down, the solution and services will always be agile. We personalise every solution to our customers' needs,” Du Toit adds.

Currently, its offerings are in high demand as it stays at the forefront of an ever-increasing technology drive and constantly honing skills. Demand, he says, has been driven by cost and companies need to be agile in this ever-changing world so they can implement business strategies.

Other growth drivers have come from the shift to work-from-home, which required many systems and support platforms to be implemented within days so that employees could set up their devices in a secure environment and connect to the office network without interruptions.

The increasing price of fuel is also driving a work-from-home need as people try to limit their driving, which is where InfoTech has solutions that enable this move. At the same time, load-shedding has affected all of us, leading to hours of unproductivity. InfoTech has offerings that overcome this, says Du Toit.

“The need for cloud services and remote support, as an example, have grown immensely and more companies are taking advantage of moving to working remotely.” At the same time, says Du Toit, there is a shortage of skills in the marketplace, which requires companies to outsource their IT functions.

“We are seeing enough demand from customers for us to be able to expand our offerings with conviction,” Du Toit concludes.