Inspired Testing prepares for the future with new CTO

Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2023
Leon Lodewyks, Chief Technology Officer at Inspired Testing.
Leon Lodewyks, Chief Technology Officer at Inspired Testing.

Inspired Testing, a global pure-play software testing company, announced the promotion of Leon Lodewyks to Chief Technology Officer. As a company that always asks: “What’s next?” this appointment illustrates its continued organic growth into an innovative space. He will be tasked with ensuring that Inspired Testing offers the most relevant and market-leading testing services to its clients. He will also ensure that the tools, technologies and services provided are up to date given the fast-moving technology landscape.

Lodewyks has been with Inspired Testing since 2019, when he started as a Test Consultant. He has since served as Head of International Delivery and Chief Delivery Officer until his promotion to CTO in 2023. With over 20 years of experience in software testing, 15 of which were spent across the UK and Europe, Lodewyks is placed in the perfect position to take Inspired Testing forward in his new role as CTO.

Leading from the front, Lodewyks aims to leverage his extensive experience in software testing to drive innovation and excellence within Inspired Testing. His primary focus will be on integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance the company’s testing services. He will also prioritise building strong client relationships, understanding their unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that exceed their expectations. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, he aims to broaden the company's reach and impact, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking top-tier software testing solutions.

In order to keep the team at the forefront of industry developments, Lodewyks will build on Inspired Testing’s culture of continuous learning and development. He is committed to nurturing talent within the company and creating opportunities for professional growth and development.

His vision includes expanding Inspired Testing's global presence and establishing it as a leader in the software testing domain. "As the new CTO of Inspired Testing, I see this position as a pivotal opportunity to redefine and elevate our approach to software testing. This role is not just about keeping up with technology, it’s about staying ahead. We are at a juncture where the integration of advanced technologies and methodologies into our services is crucial,” Lodewyks explained.

“My goal is to ensure that Inspired Testing becomes synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability in the software testing industry,” he continued. “We will focus on delivering bespoke, efficient and effective testing solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients. This role is about fostering a culture of excellence and continuous learning within our team to ensure that we are always prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Ultimately, my vision is to see Inspired Testing not just as a service provider, but as a key strategic partner in our clients' success."

“At Inspired Testing, fostering individual potential is integral to our mission. Our commitment to empowering our team while delivering great service to clients is truly rewarding,” said Inspired Testing CEO, Jacques Fouché. “The formal introduction of the CTO role within our organisation marks a significant milestone we have been anticipating for some time. I firmly believe Leon will propel Inspired Testing into the next phase of our journey, elevating our efforts to enhance our company’s talent and improve software quality at our clients.”

Lodewyks' appointment as CTO is a testament to Inspired Testing’s commitment to innovation and growth. His focus on integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies will ensure that Inspired Testing remains at the forefront of industry development and continues to deliver market-leading software testing services to clients. His leadership will be instrumental in nurturing talent within the company and building strong client relationships.


Inspired Testing

Inspired Testing is a pure-play software testing company that has a dedicated focus on software testing solutions for clients globally. Its services include software testing across the entire spectrum of the discipline including Test Automation, Performance Testing, Functional Testing and Outsourced Managed Services. In operation since 1999, (previously trading as DVT’s testing division) the organisation has grown to over 250+ staff with offices in the UK (Edinburgh and London) and South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town). The company also runs the Inspired Academy which is responsible for developing some of the industry’s foremost training programmes to upskill and keep testing professionals and teams relevant. Inspired Testing is a company within the software and technology group Dynamic Technologies.

Inspired Testing is a Dynamic Technologies group company. With 1 500+ staff and 8 group companies operating across multiple sectors in the UK, European, US, UAE, East African and South African markets. Dynamic Technologies provides a range of software and technology solutions, SQA and testing, cloud solutions, CRM, legal enterprise business solutions, skills development, and related core competencies. Our group companies comprise BPC Resourcing, CloudSmiths, DVT, Dynamic DNA, Emerald Consulting, Inspired Testing, Sincera and xSMTHS.

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