Introducing Faranani DocTec's dynamic 2024 interns

Johannesburg, 22 May 2024

Internships serve as invaluable opportunities for both interns and the companies hosting them. For interns, these programmes provide hands-on experience and skill development in a professional setting, complementing their academic knowledge. They gain practical skills, expand their networks and enhance their resumes, all while exploring various career paths and experiencing personal growth.

On the other hand, companies benefit from internships by tapping into fresh perspectives and diverse skillsets. Interns bring new ideas and insights, contributing to innovation within the organisation. They also serve as a talent pipeline, allowing companies to identify and nurture promising individuals for potential future employment. Additionally, interns increase productivity by assisting with projects and tasks, while also becoming potential brand ambassadors, positively impacting the company's reputation and recruitment efforts.

Internships offer a mutually beneficial arrangement where interns gain valuable experience and skills while companies benefit from new talent and increased productivity. By investing in internship programmes, companies can cultivate a skilled workforce and foster innovation, ultimately driving growth and success.

Faranani DocTec proudly presents its new cohort of interns for 2024, a diverse and talented group ready to embark on a journey of innovation and growth. Among them, we have a cluster of interns who hail from Tshwane University of Technology, bringing with them a shared educational background and a passion for excellence. Let's meet these individuals:

Charity Mangwe, final year student in a National Diploma in IT (Intelligent Industrial Systems), Ratile Makola with a Diploma in IT (Software Development); Thandiwe Khumalo a final year student in a National Diploma in Software Development; Dorothy Tladi with a Diploma in IT (Communications Networks); Nolwazi Makubedu with a National Diploma in IT (Software Development); Zandile Mabona with a National Diploma in IT (Software Development); Austin Ndzulamiso Jeleni with a National Diploma in IT (Software Development); Faith Mukwevho with a Diploma in IT (Software Development); Livhuwani Muhali with a Diploma in IT (Software Development); and Nqobile Hlatshwayo with a National Diploma in IT (Software Development).

Outside of TUT, we have Rotondwa Ramovha, who completed a BSc in IT at Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, and Gift Mashaba with a BSc in Mathematical Science at the University of Limpopo.

These talented individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. We are excited to see how each of them will contribute to our projects and help drive innovation within Faranani DocTec.

Welcome, interns of 2024!