iOCO's decision to become a Knowledge Hub sponsor at Manufacturing Indaba aligns with its core values, strategic goals

Johannesburg, 10 Oct 2023
iOCO's core value is to solve for a better digital Africa.
iOCO's core value is to solve for a better digital Africa.

iOCO's decision to become a Knowledge Hub sponsor at the Manufacturing Indaba aligns with its core values and strategic goals. Here are some key reasons why iOCO has chosen to sponsor such a premier event:

  • Promoting digital transformation: iOCO's core value is to solve for a better digital Africa. The Manufacturing Indaba provides a platform to promote and discuss digital transformation within the manufacturing sector, which is crucial for improving productivity, competitiveness and economic growth in the region.
  • Industry leadership: By partnering with the Manufacturing Indaba, iOCO can showcase its expertise and leadership in enterprise applications and ERP solutions. This event allows industry leaders like Infor (represented by iOCO) to share their technology and unique value proposition with a focused audience.
  • Fourth industrial revolution (4IR): The Manufacturing Indaba is at the forefront of discussions related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is driving innovation and competitiveness in manufacturing industries globally. iOCO's participation reflects its commitment to bringing technological advancements to the forefront.
  • Ziaad Suleman's involvement: Suleman, the Chairperson for BRICS – 4IR, has chosen Infor (iOCO) to represent iOCO at the Manufacturing Indaba. This endorsement underscores the relevance and importance of iOCO's participation in the event.
  • ERP and digital ecosystems: iOCO specialises in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and emphasises the need for ERP systems to transition into integrated digital ecosystems, in the cloud. iOCO's sponsorship allows the company to showcase its expertise in building interconnected ecosystems.
  • Tailored solutions for manufacturing: iOCO has a track record of providing tailored ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry in South Africa. With Infor’s depth of capabilty, iOCO's sponsorship demonstrates its ability to address the specific needs of manufacturing companies.
  • Cloud migration and digital readiness: iOCO's focus on migrating ERP systems to the cloud aligns with the broader trend of digital readiness. The sponsorship allows the company to highlight its expertise in helping organisations embrace cloud technologies.
  • Industry insights: iOCO has previously been involved in promoting modern manufacturing ERP solutions that enhance supply chain agility, streamline shop floor operations and leverage data insights. By sponsoring the Manufacturing Indaba, the company can continue to share valuable insights and best practices with the manufacturing community.

In summary, iOCO's sponsorship at the Manufacturing Indaba serves as a strategic opportunity to align its core values and expertise with an event that focuses on digital transformation, innovation and industry leadership within the manufacturing sector in sub-Saharan Africa. 


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