iSSC helps UON to adhere to stringent global customer IT requirements

Johannesburg, 30 Oct 2023
Andreas Walker, CEO, UON Global.
Andreas Walker, CEO, UON Global.

Founded in 2004 to provide a consulting service to OEMs and retailers in the motor industry, UON Global quickly realised that the necessary tools to analyse certain data were not available. This prompted CEO Andreas Walker and his team to drive a project to develop their own tools for these interventions. Interestingly, the organisation’s focus is now 90% software development, with consulting forming the remaining 10%.

With most of its clients being international companies, UON was forced to consider the stringent IT requirements in terms of data storage. UON’s legacy strategy was to host data in data centres. This, says Walker, was proving to be problematic in terms of customer regulatory compliance, so a more secure and controlled method of storing customer data was urgently required.

Fact sheet
Solution: Microsoft Azure
Industry: Motor
Provider: ISSC
User: UON Global

Two predominant goals were outlined:

  1. To remain relevant in terms of technology updates.
  2. To acquire global certification in terms of data security.

The UON team had highlighted Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft suite of products as a possible solution to their issues and needs, and was considering appointing a UK-based company to assist them in its adoption. “However,” says Walker, “we quickly realised that it was more important for us to find a cloud services provider with whom we could develop a personal relationship, hence the need to source a provider based in South Africa. This meant that we would be able to sit around a table and discuss our specific requirements onsite, where the action happens.”

Emil Henrico, CEO of iSSC Group.
Emil Henrico, CEO of iSSC Group.

After meetings with the iSSC team in 2018, Walker’s mind was made up. “There was an instant synergy in our business philosophies as we are both relationship-centred companies. Our software developers use Microsoft tools in their daily lives, so the adoption of Azure and the complementary Microsoft suite was fortuitous. The various elements communicate seamlessly with one another for a completely streamlined process.”

Walker is thrilled with the proactive attitude demonstrated by the iSSC team, citing iSSC’s understanding of UON’s needs, strong service levels and rapid response to queries as game-changers. “We are constantly upgrading the software as we believe that this helps to increase efficiency levels and gives us a leading edge in the global market. We are open to all suggestions that iSSC makes if it helps us to better equip our offering to our customers. Regular communication between the iSSC team and our team helps us to remain current and relevant in the market.”

Some of the benefits provided by the Microsoft solutions implemented by iSSC at UON include:

  • They are suited to UON’s global customer market.
  • They are bullet-proofed to economic cycles.
  • Expansion into harder currencies was expedited, allowing for strategically imperative sustainability.
  • They allow for easy interface to UON’s staff working offshore.
  • Seamless, transparent globally applicable solution.

“No matter what issues UON faces, we are available to help them work out solutions in a professional manner that has resulted in relationship which is underpinned by our mutual respect as customer-oriented solutions providers,” says Emil Henrico, CEO of iSSC Group.

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