ITC Infotech launches 'Learn from Anywhere’ to democratise entire learning process

Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2022

ITC Infotech has partnered with Edcast, a talent experience platform, to revolutionise learning within the company by launching "Learn from Anywhere", a state-of-the-art SaaS AI-based learning platform that will empower employees to create, curate, aggregate and share their expertise as well as build careers leveraging skills and opportunities within the company.

Learn from Anywhere has been launched with the aim of democratising the entire learning process across different levels and locations. It has been developed so that employees can get access to global pool of content on the go and under one roof. The learning modules in this programme will be offered through 'Learning Hub', ITC Infotech's next-gen learning platform, providing world-class content curated by experts.

By mobilising the L&D programme, ITC Infotech employees across different locations, including tier two and three locations, can now experience knowledge sharing, learning in the flow of work and competency development through global content aggregation, creation, curation and recommendations, with engaging features such as gamified events, leaderboards and badges.

Learn from Anywhere is the extension of our unique Work from Anywhere (I-WFA) framework, which is intended to set the bar for working in the new paradigm, delivering outcomes for both clients and employees via an efficient and seamless operating model and Hire from Anywhere model

ITC Infotech has partnered with Edcast to make the organisation's talent future-ready, from in-app learning to honing skills in advanced topics. This will give the employees access to hyper-personalised content. The programme will focus on three service lines, including CIO services, industry experience and Industry 4.0.