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ITWeb Cloud and Data Centre Summit set for 31 October 2023

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 20 Jul 2023
ITWeb Cloud and Data Summit 2023
ITWeb Cloud and Data Summit 2023

ITWeb is proud to announce the Cloud & Data Centre Summit 2023 is scheduled for 31 October at The Forum in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

ITWeb Cloud & Data Centre Summit

31 October 2023
The Forum, Bryanston

Book your seat today to attend the annual ITWeb Cloud & Data Centre Summit, on 31 October, at the Forum in Bryanston.

Expert speakers will share information and insights on all aspects of cloud computing and data centres, covering both strategic and technical topics.

Cloud and data centre industries remain high growth markets and continue to attract investment.

According to the findings of a recent cloud report released by Nymbis Cloud Solutions, Veeam and Africa Analysis, 70% of South African companies have an active cloud technology adoption strategy and approximately 50% are implementing a cloud-first strategy.

Major investments and continued innovation are constantly changing the landscape, and with that come new challenges. 

At the same time, the economic downturn has forced all organisations to be more cost-conscious, with optimisation being the keyword around IT teams and decision makers. The question is - how can organisations remain at the cutting edge of technology while prioritising cost, reliability, flexibility, their customers, and remaining environmentally conscious?

The ITWeb Cloud and Data Summit 2023 is curated specifically for the African audience and will provide delegates with the latest cloud and data centre strategies and solutions available to help respond to the needs and objectives of their organisation.

ITWeb conference producer Nomvuyo Tena says, “The ITWeb Cloud and Data Centre Summit is an eagerly anticipated event, with its continued relevance in today’s business technology landscape. This year, ‘optimisation’ emerged as a key theme among industry experts. Our content reflects this, highlighting how optimisation, even in the face of budget constraints, can drive business success. Our goal is to help organisations navigate the cloud and DC solution offerings and the regulatory environment and deliver on their strategic objectives while remaining budget-conscious.”

Book your seat

If your organisation is a significant end-user of data centre and cloud solutions, products and services and you are involved in the implementation of these, then you qualify for a complimentary pass.

Call for papers

If you have an exciting cloud and data centre journey to share, or insight that organisations need to build their data centre and cloud products, services and technology strategies and capabilities, please submit a talk proposal.

Become a sponsor

By sponsoring ITWeb Cloud & Data Centre Summit 2023, you’ll get an opportunity to connect with a qualified, decision maker audience from across industry verticals in southern Africa. Find out more.