#ITWebGRC2023: Antifragility in life and work

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 25 Jan 2023
Graeme Codrington
Graeme Codrington

When it comes to technology, IT resilience is an entity’s ability to bounce back, and maintain acceptable service levels when an event happens that disrupts business operations, processes, systems.

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In today’s highly-connected, digital age, availability is crucial to your business success, as customers will not put up with websites that are offline, or applications that crash or are inaccessible.

According to Graeme Codrington, author, futurist and strategy consultant, we all know what fragile systems look like – they break when they get hit.

“Resilient systems are able to take a hit, and reasonably quickly get back to where they were before (even if slightly battered and bruised).”

However, he says we don’t have the concept of 'antifragile' in our vocabulary – systems that get stronger and better when they take a hit, and that gain from disorder and thrive in chaos.

“This is what we need in 2023 and the rest of this decade: an ability to rise above the chaos and uncertainty, thriving more than merely surviving,” he says.

Codrington will be presenting a keynote address on “Antifragility in life and work”, at the ITWeb Governance, Risk & Compliance 2023, to be held on 16 February at the Capital Empire in Sandton.

This is what we need in 2023 and the rest of this decade: an ability to rise above the chaos and uncertainty, thriving more than merely surviving.

Graeme Codrington

During his talk, he will share his latest research, building on the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb who coined the concept, and show the audience the key characteristics of organisations and people who are antifragile.

Codrington is an internationally recognised futurist, specialising in the future of work. He helps organisations understand the forces that will shape our lives in the next ten years, and how we can respond in order to confidently stay ahead of change.

For the past two decades, Codrington has worked with some of the world’s most recognised brands, travelling to over 80 countries in total, and speaking to around 100 000 people every year. He is the author of five best-selling books and is on the faculty at five top global business schools.