J2 Software partners with IMechE to enhance e-mail security with Mimecast services

Johannesburg, 28 Jun 2023
IMechE CTO Jake Fraser and J2 Software CEO John Mc Loughlin.
IMechE CTO Jake Fraser and J2 Software CEO John Mc Loughlin.

J2 Software, which positions itself as a leading provider of cyber security solutions, proudly announces its partnership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), a non-profit organisation, to strengthen their e-mail security posture. The collaboration has resulted in significant improvements in the IMechE's e-mail security through the implementation of Mimecast services.

According to IMechE CTO Jake Fraser, the challenges they faced before partnering with J2 Software included an "outdated, basic e-mail security solution" that left them vulnerable to multiple threats per week. They lacked protection against common threat vectors such as impersonation, insider threats, outbound checks, malicious URLs and attachment security beyond basic checks.

The implementation of Mimecast services by J2 Software has provided the IMechE with a "vastly superior e-mail security" solution. Fraser acknowledges the value of this partnership, stating: "With their Mimecast services, we now have a vastly superior e-mail security solution that has reduced the risk of cyber attacks."

J2 Software's practical approach and advisory services have been instrumental in improving the IMechE's security posture. Fraser appreciates their consultative nature, noting that J2 Software provides "tons of helpful and pragmatic recommendations on how to improve things.

"The team at J2 Software understands the challenges faced by the IMechE as a non-profit organisation and offers cost-effective suggestions that genuinely enhance their security posture."

The features of Mimecast services, such as high configurability and insights derived from thousands of customers, have appealed to the IMechE. Fraser emphasises the benefits of having J2 Software's advice and support readily available, stating: "The Mimecast service is highly configurable, so having J2's advice and support available whenever we need to check things is very helpful."

J2 Software's consultative and supportive service has been integral to the partnership's success. Fraser highlights their understanding of the IMechE's challenges and their prompt guidance, stating: "They are very understanding of our challenges and provide guidance whenever we need it. Their support team understands that often we need to work with a vendor, and they own those requests through to a resolution without prompting."

Looking ahead, the IMechE foresees future projects with J2 Software, including network security, remote access and moving towards zero trust (ZTNA) architecture. They also plan to utilise J2 Software's team of experts for technology estate hardening as they update their infrastructure.

John Mc Loughlin, CEO of J2 Software, reiterates their commitment to unlocking value for the IMechE and improving their cyber security posture. He affirms their proven approach, stating: "Our proven approach of getting things done has resulted in significant time savings and improved security for the IMechE."

The successful implementation of Mimecast services resulting from the partnership between J2 Software and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has substantially enhanced the IMechE's e-mail security posture.

This collaboration demonstrates the importance of collaboration between cyber security solution providers and non-profit organisations in fortifying security and reducing the risk of cyber attacks.


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