Keyrus delivers solution to Platinum Health’s technical management

Johannesburg, 31 Jan 2024
Keyrus makes data matter.
Keyrus makes data matter.

Keyrus has designed significant advances in Platinum Health’s technology backbone. These deliver major benefits for managing the development team's output, which translate directly into improved services for its members.

The leading data and digital consultancy is a long-standing partner of South Africa’s largest closed medical scheme. This project follows the recent implementation of a customised solution to ensure accurate, ethical data reporting.

The challenge

Platinum Health was facing challenges to keep up with growing project task management and reporting needs without compromising its development flow and cycle. As a result, tasks were being duplicated, adding to developer workload. Excel was used to provide the additional fields and flexibility missing in the process flow. This caused delays and forced developers to complete tasks within unrealistic timeframes.

The medical scheme had a number of specific requirements, including improved visibility into the state of each development task, more flexibility in the development cycle and a reduced administration load.

“We are delighted that our customer once again trusted us for their modern data architecture needs,” says Calvin Anderson, BI Consultant at Keyrus.

The solution

Keyrus migrated Platinum Health’s development tools to the cloud and designed a customised process flow to cater for its unique development cycle.

Microsoft data migration tools were used to export the on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) repository into Azure DevOps Services in the cloud. Migrating to this version of DevOps allowed for a clean, smooth changeover to the improved process flow, as Keyrus could make use of advanced, new features.

The process flow was then further updated to provide additional automatically captured fields. Keyrus also created Power BI reports to provide information at senior management and developer level.


“Our developers can now deliver better and faster,” notes Liam Grimes, Development Manager at Platinum Health. “We no longer need any duplication, giving developers more time to focus on their assigned tasks. The cycle is now more flexible and tedious details previously captured manually in Excel are automated.”

Management and developers benefit from detailed insight into the history of specific tasks and bugs, as well as far less administration. The new reports allow for better change management and easier navigation.

Access to the DevOps environment has been simplified as a VPN is no longer necessary. The new environment is also scalable, allowing for Platinum Health’s management processes and code base to grow.

Increased visibility into development projects means project managers have full access to details about deadlines, for example, which allows for long-term planning.

Field automation enables the creation of detailed reports, provides insight into the pain points of different tasks or departments, and highlights areas that delay the development process.

Finally, developers are able to easily view the work items assigned to them, which enables efficient task planning.

“These significant benefits all contribute to improved customer experience for our numerous members,” adds Marilyn Perumal, Service Delivery Manager at Platinum Health.

“We applaud Platinum Health for recognising the benefits of sophisticated data flow engineering,” concludes Anderson. “The Scheme now has efficient data capturing, database reporting and data analyses to achieve its key purpose of continuously improving service delivery.”

Keyrus prides itself on its expertise in modern data architecture, including data processing, analyses and visualisation, gained through our hand-on experience globally as well as in South Africa and the African continent at large.

Keyrus is your trusted partner for building sustainable, high-performing data architectures. We are ready to help you design an actionable data strategy that will deliver your business objectives and drive commercial success. Contact us at


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