Keyrus equips PenBev to make leap forward in its BI journey

Johannesburg, 22 Feb 2024
The beverage bottler and distributor now has an actionable roadmap.
The beverage bottler and distributor now has an actionable roadmap.

Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (PenBev) is set to become fully data-driven following a specialised diagnostic BI assessment and strategic plan delivered by leading data and digital consultancy, Keyrus.

The beverage bottler and distributor now has an actionable roadmap to help close the gaps between its current and desired state of BI maturity. This will ensure forward-thinking data strategies, predictable outcomes, high visibility and continuous improvement.

Fact sheet
Solution: Keyrus BI solutions
Industry: Beverage
Provider: Keyrus
User: Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (PenBev)

The challenge

PenBev had rolled out several BI initiatives but required strategic guidance as to the next steps in its BI evolution. It needed to understand its current capabilities to set realistic, measurable goals for BI development. It wanted to encourage a culture shift within the organisation and drive its people to adopt a higher BI maturity level. All of the above with an overall goal to identify trends and opportunities for further innovation to anticipate market changes and drive competitive edge.

Lack of automation meant that the organisation’s available data required cumbersome extraction and manipulation.

The solution

The BI 360 Assessment by Keyrus was carried out to help guide PenBev to higher levels of BI maturity. The assessment is a specialised diagnostic framework that precisely pinpoints current BI status and identifies the gaps an organisation must overcome to become truly data-driven.

“The BI 360 Assessment is the fastest and most comprehensive BI capabilities diagnostic tool on the market,” notes Adam Walker, General Manager at Keyrus. “It uses Keyrus proprietary methodology, based on our years of real-world experience of implementing technology solutions across industries.”

The tool identifies current levels of BI competence on a five-point spectrum, ranging from reactive to optimised.

The PenBev assessment involved comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders to extract relevant information about current and desired states. The resulting roadmap highlighted key findings, opportunities for growth and strategic recommendations.


“We now have an exact understanding of where we are on our BI journey as well as what steps and measures we should take to become fully data-driven,” notes Andrew McMaster, Chief Financial Officer at PenBev.

The roadmap contains tangible, actionable strategies to empower decision-making processes, enhance operational efficiency and drive innovative growth. PenBev can drive higher levels of BI tool adoption, implement the appropriate data warehouse solution and create projects to automate outputs in defined areas.

The assessment validated many of the initiatives PenBev had already earmarked as strategically important. Additionally, the report presented valuable findings, which the organisation has subsequently added into its roadmap. The entire project also served to reinforce the importance of BI in the organisation and reignited enthusiasm for its BI journey.

Expected future benefits include a dramatic increase in BI tool usage, the creation of a BI Centre of Excellence with executive support, the appointment of BI champions, a data warehouse implementation as well as comprehensive user enablement and data literacy training.

Keyrus has unmatched expertise in recommending, designing and implementing BI solutions as well as integrating them into modern data architectures. The local team is able to draw on the extensive experience of the Keyrus teams around the world.

“It was a pleasure to work with Keyrus and we derived enormous value from the engagement,” adds McMaster.

“We celebrate PenBev for recognising the importance of knowing exactly where they stand in the BI journey and the measures they need to take to enable them to achieve their desired state of BI maturity,” concludes Walker. “Our clients trust us for all their modern data architecture needs, and we are delighted to now count PenBev among them.”


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