Keyrus migrates Games Global’s data to the cloud

Johannesburg, 31 May 2023

Games Global, which positions itself as a leading supplier of iGaming content, is now free to harness the power of its data rather than focus on server management. This follows the migration of Games Global’s Tableau environment into the cloud by Keyrus, a specialist in implementing data and cloud solutions.

Time saved can be devoted to producing data visualisations to better inform Games Global’s business decisions.

Fact sheet
Solution: Tableau Cloud
Industry: Gaming
Provider: Keyrus
User: Games Global

On-premises hosting presented a challenge

With a proprietary catalogue comprising upward of 3 000 games, a record-breaking progressive jackpot network, over 36+ exclusive studios and a world-class distribution channel servicing 900+ global gaming brands, according to Games Global, it delivers force and direction to online gaming, bringing together the industry’s biggest and brightest stars.

For such a large business, hosting its BI environment on-premises required constant monitoring and maintenance.

“On-premises hosting of data involved frequent backups and clearing old log files to preserve disk space,” notes Craig Andrew, Head of Data & Analytics at Keyrus. “Our customer also had to plan for ‘downtime’ to upgrade the server each time Tableau released new features.”

The customer’s IT team needed more time and focus on BI analytics and the presentation of the data to stakeholders rather than on server management.

Cloud-hosted analytics provide solution

Games Global chose Keyrus for its strong reputation for implementing leading analytics tools, especially Tableau. The consultancy is the only Premier Tableau reseller on the African continent and has an excellent track record in implementing cloud solutions. Keyrus was engaged to determine a comprehensive data strategy for Games Global.

As part of the overall strategy, it was recommended that the entire visualisation environment be moved to Tableau Cloud, a fully hosted, cloud-based analytics solution. Recognising the benefits of cloud hosting, Games Global approved the migration.

“Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data,” explains Andrew. “The platform makes visual analytics intuitive, allowing people to quickly answer questions with data. We help organisations at every stage of maturity and across industries to fully utilise the business intelligence tools to transform their data into actionable insights.”

Benefits of the cloud

Games Global no longer needs to devote internal resources to server maintenance, disk space or upgrades and is now reaping the benefits of Tableau Cloud. The team at Games Global now has more time to focus on producing data visualisations that should enable the business to make more effective, data-driven decisions.

Tableau Cloud handles all server maintenance as well as quarterly software updates. Games Global no longer has to invest in setting up hardware or worry about implementing new features.

“The migration presented the opportunity for a thorough content clean-up to reduce data proliferation,” adds Andrew. “As we created the plan, we ensured that key content was identified, while content that was no longer required was either removed or enhanced.

“We are delighted to welcome Games Global as a new customer and applaud them for adopting the modern technology hosted in the cloud to make their data matter,” says Greg Guye, CEO of Keyrus.

Keyrus prides itself on its hands-on approach and reputation as a recognised expert as well as trusted partner. Its global reach means its consultants can draw on best practice as well as the knowledge and experience of its international teams of experts. They make data matter for their customers. 


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