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Keyrus partners with Fivetran to reinforce their leading edge in modern technology

Johannesburg, 20 Jul 2020

The increasing complexity and expected agility of business today demands that organisations are often required to deploy several technology platforms, or stacks, that work together to deliver optimal business results. Although multiple technology stacks are beneficial from a speed and cost point of view, it can make consolidating your business data into a single source for efficient and accurate reporting difficult. To address this challenge, Keyrus has partnered with Fivetran, the global leader in automated data integration.

The aim is to bring together data across multiple stacks in a manner that enables rapid and easy analysis. Fivetran provides automated pipelines that free users to focus on analytics, rather than manual-intensive extract, transform and load (ETL) processes.

Fivetran automates data integration from source to destination providing ready-to-use connectors, transformations and analytics templates. This helps to accelerate analytics, as the data is continuously synchronised – from source all the way to the warehouse – and the data dynamically adjusts to schema and API changes.

The team of experts at Keyrus South Africa has been helping enterprises to leverage their data in ways that generate new levers for growth for over 15 years. The integration of innovative technological solutions has always been at the heart of what Keyrus does and is now amplified by the recently announced partnership with Fivetran.

“As a specialist in performance management consulting, Keyrus places business users front and centre, helping them gain in-depth insight into every aspect of their organisation to achieve competitive advantage. In today’s day and age, this is only possible through integrated technology systems. Through our partnership with Fivetran, we will be able to deliver on this promise to our clients,” says Stephen Coull, Sales Director at Keyrus.

Fivetran leaders will join Keyrus experts at a much-anticipated roundtable discussion during the DataCon: Live event, on 21 and 22 July. Featuring visionary insights from some of Africa's most progressive data analytics leaders and the world's most forward-thinking solution providers, the DataCon conference will be the perfect platform for Keyrus and Fivetran to outline their joint vision.

Steve Mulholland, EMEA Sales Director of Fivetran, adds: “Fivetran is the only data pipeline with the correct architecture for large enterprises moving to the cloud. Our product is designed to automatically normalise complex data sources, recover from failures without human intervention, and leverage the revolutionary capabilities of analytical databases such as Snowflake. Our recent $100 million Series C funding is a proof of our future potential.

"We are extremely excited about our partnership with Keyrus and the potential growth of the South African market.”


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