Data Management
an hour ago

Britehouse aligns its brand identity with Dimension Data

As part of the global strategy, Britehouse plans to expand its solution offering to clients globally.

2 hours ago

The best gift is data security this holiday season

Don't neglect processes when dealing with sensitive information this Christmas, says ACS.

3 hours ago

White paper: Veritas, IBM bring storage relief

Safeguard your data with IBM Cloud Object Storage integrated with Veritas NetBackup Solution.


Consumers have no faith in online security: Gemalto

Six in 10 consumers globally feel online shopping, social media and banking sites pose a risk to their personal data security, according to Gemalto.


Debunking data virtualisation

When it comes to data virtualisation, there is a distinct difference between what was promised, versus the actual onsite experience.


Few Facebook user data requests in Africa

Facebook's Transparency Report shows few requests are made for user data in African countries, compared to requests from the US, India and European countries.


Private data centres take their place in the cloud

Not everyone is abandoning their data centres for the cloud. Some leading sectors, such as financial firms and manufacturers, are keeping their feet in both worlds.


The data challenge

Many public sector entities adopt a 'head-in-the-sand' approach to dealing with data challenges. Instead, they should be seeking true visibility, as this is the foundation for digital success.


Internet Solutions unveils R500m data centre

The Internet service provider offers a preview of the pre-fabricated data centre facility in Rosebank.


Efficient troubleshooting with clearly identified cables

Brady Corporation labels are designed to identify any data centre cable, server, component and rack to take the guesswork out of troubleshooting.


Fraudsters don't want us to get smarter systems

The unprecedented amount of data at our fingertips today enables the smart application of integrated, collaborative, intelligent fraud hunting systems.