Keyrus proud to donate its expertise to Domino Foundation

Johannesburg, 12 Jul 2023

Keyrus has dramatically enhanced data visualisation and reporting for Domino Foundation, a non-profit organisation (NPO) that originated in Durban. Apart from improved accuracy and insights, the solution delivers valuable reporting for national and international donors.

“This was a project close to our hearts and we were privileged to be part of the Domino Foundation’s journey to harness data for improved efficiency,” notes Adam Walker, General Manager at Keyrus, which positions itself as a leading data and digital consultancy with expertise in delivering end-to-end modern data architecture.

Fact sheet
Solution: Microsoft Power BI
Industry: Non-profit organisation
Provider: Keyrus
User: Domino Foundation

The foundation creates essential structured interventions geared towards meeting the needs of individuals and communities physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually through mercy, justice and empowerment. The charity runs a multitude of transformation programmes, one of which is a babies’ home, Fairhavens.

Domino’s challenges

The NPO’s internal processes were Excel-based, making it exceedingly difficult to draw meaningful reports about Fairhavens for donors.

This lack of a proper digital infrastructure meant that all data entries had to be done manually. Data analysts spent their time capturing data. This was extremely time-consuming and an inefficient use of their skills. They were also required to train volunteers to help, which posed a risk because of the sensitive nature of the data.

Finally, many insightful trends went unnoticed because of the foundation’s limited ability to analyse its information.

The solution

Keyrus’ experts proposed a solution that included Microsoft Power BI for analysis and visualisation, as well as Microsoft SharePoint to host the dataset. These tools were integrated into the foundation’s Microsoft 365 environment to provide seamless connections to the data. As an NPO, Domino Foundation is eligible for significantly discounted Microsoft Power BI licences. Keyrus also conducted training, upskilling the charity’s staff in Power BI software and creation of reports.

“The Domino Foundation has uplifted numerous individuals across KwaZulu-Natal,” notes Walker. “We were delighted to lend them our expertise in technology, data and enablement as part of our social and societal commitment.”


The Domino Foundation now has clear insight into its data and can efficiently share reports among its stakeholders as well as donors. The organisation is able to view previously hidden trends and metrics. The data is more accurate, easy to consume and can be visualised instantly as it is captured.

The foundation is also benefiting from improved data security and significant time savings.

“The solution Keyrus has delivered is revolutionary,” says Leigh-Ann Stevens, Research and Evaluation team member and social worker at the Domino Foundation. “It delivers clear insight and will help us build better systems to track our impact more accurately and more time-effectively.”

The new reporting system allows staff to be more agile in their day-to-day activities as they are no longer required to focus on data capture.

The Domino Foundation is a progressive NPO whose management understands the importance of utilising modern technology to run the organisation more effectively, and ultimately, to better serve the community.

“The solution has added incredible value, especially for national and international funding investment opportunities,” comments Karen Brokensha, Head of Marketing at the Domino Foundation. “Keyrus’ incredible data architects have helped us to prove our impact from the ground up into the boardrooms.”

Stevens adds: “Keyrus has transformed how we work and we will be eternally grateful to them for their investment into our lives and the lives of the people we work for. I am so encouraged – the tool is incredible and I can’t wait to include other Domino programmes.”


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