Keyrus’s mission is to 'make data matter'

Levallois-Perret, 15 Oct 2021

An international player in consulting and technology as well as a data and digital specialist, Keyrus has announced new goals for the market via a renewed and inspiring vision. A vision underpinned by its 25 years of global and 10 years of South African expertise in the data and digital sector. 

Keyrus has also redesigned its visual identity, creating a new logo and slogan: “Make data matter”.

A modern ecosystem

To thrive in today’s ecosystem of internet-based and mobile technologies, every business not only needs to accelerate its digital transformation but also to acquire the skills it needs to boost its adaptability, resilience and competitiveness.

Today, data is the main driver behind the activation of these skills, just as digital channels create the network that’s essential for their development and implementation.

Data is humankind’s most important genetic fingerprint

Keyrus is convinced that businesses must absolutely embrace the digital transformation, integrating the perspective of data, to successfully take on a transformed world and ensure it can grow, be competitive and last over the long term. Data is humankind’s most important genetic fingerprint: It retraces our past, expresses our present and can help us predict our future, or at least anticipate it more effectively. “Data is unquestionably one of the keys to success for businesses. When used intelligently, it opens up unique opportunities for facing present and future challenges. Businesses must absolutely embrace digital transformation to ensure growth, competitiveness and sustainability,” says Greg Guye, CEO, Keyrus South Africa.

A new, enlightening and inspiring mission

In response to current economic, social and environmental changes, which have only increased since the beginning of the pandemic, Keyrus has now developed an inspiring new mission: “Master and give meaning to data to make the future clearer, simpler and more human-focused!”

Our new slogan, “make data matter”, expresses the meaning and value of the actions we undertake for the companies we assist. Data is part of our DNA at Keyrus. Day in and day out, we put data science to work in searching for solutions to the strategic challenges of our era. Since data originates in human activities, this slogan also serves as a reminder of how important individuals are in the capital of our companies, and how essential it is for each economic player to work toward greater sustainability via the solutions and services they offer.

Home-grown success

Keyrus South Africa was established by industry experts Greg Guye and co-founder Matthew Mottram as a subsidiary of Keyrus global company. Armed with their international experience in finance and technology, they have grown the business to become a leading consultancy in data and digital in South Africa. This is testament not only to their expertise and tenacity, but also to the demand by local and international businesses for data-driven processes. In addition, this remarkable growth was supported by the South African business environment, which welcomes organisations that focus on growing the economy, boosting employment and ensuring skills transfer.

As Keyrus South Africa celebrates its 10 anniversary, Matthew Mottram, COO, reflects on the three pillars of success to date: Outstanding people, technology competence and outstanding outcomes. “We have been privileged to work with customers who understand the power of data and have a foresight to invest in modern technology as a way of building value of their organisation. Equally importantly, we have been incredibly fortunate to employ a team of experts who are highly experienced and able to offer practical solutions and are well equipped to enable true digital transformation for our customers. We are incredibly fortunate to have a team of outstanding people delivering outstanding outcomes,” sums up Mottram.

“For our group, this past year has been a source of reflection and inspiration. It’s now offering us new ways to look at our business lines and our mission,” explains Éric Cohen, Founder and CEO of the Keyrus Group“It is our mission to be an informed, committed and responsible partner to our clients over the long term, helping them map out their ideal future with a human touch.”


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