Konica Minolta takes PostNet business to another level

Johannesburg, 28 Feb 2024
Daryl Naidoo with the Konica Minolta AccurioPrint C4065P digital press.
Daryl Naidoo with the Konica Minolta AccurioPrint C4065P digital press.

When Daryl Naidoo decides to replicate the unparalleled success of his PostNet business solutions outlet, renowned for its excellence in printing and courier services, he is unwavering in his commitment to integrating Konica Minolta technology as a cornerstone of his business blueprint.

Since acquiring the Konica Minolta AccurioPrint C4065P digital press, Naidoo has witnessed a substantial surge in business volume at his PostNet branch.

With a longstanding family history in the stationery industry, Naidoo's familiarity with Konica Minolta printers made the decision easy when choosing the brand of printing machines for his PostNet outlet.

Naidoo's initial investment in Konica Minolta began with the acquisition of the Bizhub C558 office printer. Although capable of handling tasks like small run flyers, its limitations became evident when it came to swiftly processing large-scale print jobs.

He was then introduced to the AccurioPrint C4065P, a compact engine that does it all with ease and speed.

The investment in the machine, coupled with the exceptional pre- and post-sale service, has proven to be invaluable. “Since acquiring the AccurioPrint C4065P, our business has undergone a transformative expansion practically overnight. We now boast a diverse range of media options, surpassing even our competitors, from 80gsm to 350gsm substrates, embossed paper, envelopes and more," Naidoo explains.

"Our capabilities extend to printing flyers, banners, brochures, newsletters, posters, folders, conference pads, menu cards and beyond. The vibrancy of colours and unparalleled image stability, regardless of the print run, are truly remarkable," he adds.

The AccurioPrint C4065P has a compact printing capacity, resulting in a high quality and versatility.

“What this device can do is mind-blowing – two-sided banner printing and high productivity at up to 65ppm. It can be trusted to provide blazing speed, long-run reliability and image quality to rival offset printing, all at a lower cost,” says Naidoo.

Another key attribute the AccurioPrint 4065P offers is it eliminates routine technology burdens and requires less human touch that reduces errors, waste and production costs.

“There is no guessing what printer I will purchase when I take my PostNet franchise to another level,” Naidoo states.

Understanding evolving customer needs is paramount for businesses aiming to enhance their customer experience, particularly in a rapidly evolving world, emphasises Edmund Jacobs, Product Manager for Production Print at Konica Minolta South Africa.

“Our goal is to build trusting relationships, foster collaboration and provide solutions to our customers' challenges,” Jacobs continues.

Konica Minolta's latest true production systems are engineered to boost press uptime and enhance printing efficiency. The new range of AccurioPrint C4065P enables faster production of higher-value print products. With the Intelligent Quality Care Unit, you consistently achieve desired print quality, job after job. The device’s high productivity and versatile automation help you meet today’s demands of short-run production and fast turnaround most efficiently.

“As a division of Bidvest Branded Products, we have more than 70 points of presence across the sub-continent, enabling us to implement our technology-powered, service-focused approach across southern Africa. We are continuing to drive innovation in the printing industry and to creating value for our customers by proposing advanced insights and solutions to their business challenges,” says Jacobs.


Konica Minolta South Africa

Konica Minolta South Africa, a division of Bidvest Branded Products, with more than 70 points of presence across Southern Africa. With its technology-powered, customer-centric approach, the company delivers cutting-edge solution technologies to meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.

Remote, real-time and on-demand services incorporating advanced technologies the company delivers efficiency, safety and security, to resolve organisational challenges at customer workplaces.

In the age of the POPI Act and cybersecurity concerns, Konica Minolta South Africa safeguards customer data and provides a comprehensive document and data security strategy.

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