Learn from experts in CT about cyber resilience

Security leaders are urged to attend the technical forum to hear from local and international experts about cyber resilience and SASE.

Johannesburg, 12 Jun 2023

Given the threat landscape and potential implications for business, cyber resilience should be a key area of focus for every modern business.

According to Cisco, global ransomware costs are projected to reach US$250 billion by 2031. The company said ransomware is increasing, the attacks are widespread and its impact is being felt not just in commercial business, but also in critical services such as healthcare.

Following its first leg in Johannesburg this week, the 18th annual ITWeb Security Summit 2023 is heading to Cape Town. As part of the summit’s overarching agenda, BCX and Cisco will host a technical forum that pays particular attention to cyber resilience, with in-depth coverage of Cisco’s SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions. The complementary technical forum will take place at the One & Only hotel in Cape Town on 13 June at 12:30pm

The emphasis is on empowering businesses with the right technical tools, knowledge and guidance to better protect themselves from ongoing cyber threats, especially ransomware, say the companies. Other outcomes of a strong cyber resiliency include ensuring policy compliance, keeping sensitive data safe, achieving operational efficiency and maintaining end-user satisfaction.

“It’s about knowing that all employees, whether they’re on the network or off, and whether they’re using managed or unmanaged devices, have a positive experience thanks to high-performance cloud infrastructure that enables high productivity in a secure way,” said Sam Keiru, Cloud Security lead, sub-Saharan Africa, Cisco.

Many of the organisations Cisco speaks to share common expectations from a move to a cloud-centric security model.

SASE supports the cyber resilience framework and combines network and security services into a single unified solution.

Keiru added: “A SASE architecture requires little to no hardware and it employs cloud technology to combine with SD-WAN, with the SSE functions including secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, firewall as a service and zero trust network access.”

To understand the key issues, challenges and solutions around SASE and cyber resilience, join ITWeb, BCX and Cisco at this complementary technical forum.