Leveraging expertise in cyber security: A conversation with Rimmon Kisten of ICON Information Systems

Johannesburg, 08 Jan 2024
ICON Information Systems strives to be a leader in specialised ICT solutions.
ICON Information Systems strives to be a leader in specialised ICT solutions.

In the rapidly evolving world of IT, Rimmon Kisten, Founder and Managing Director of ICON Information Systems, stands as a prominent figure. His leadership has propelled the company to become a leading name in IT and cyber security in South Africa and beyond.

Leader par excellence

With over two decades in the IT industry, Kisten's career is distinguished by his significant contributions and innovative approaches. Speaking about the founding of ICON Information Systems, Kisten says: "The inception of ICON Information Systems was a step towards redefining how IT solutions could align with the dynamic needs of modern businesses."

His academic achievements, including an MBA in Technology Management and a BSc in Information Technology (Cum Laude), have profoundly influenced his professional journey. A testament to Kisten's dedication and expertise is ICONIS's successful drive towards ISO accreditation for 9001 and 27001 under his leadership. Further showcasing his exceptional capabilities, ICONIS was rated among the top 250 managed security services providers (MSSPs) globally and ranked third in both Africa and South Africa. Kisten's leadership acumen was recognised in 2023 when he was the runner-up in the CISO Hall of Fame.

ICON Information Systems: A synopsis

Under Kisten's stewardship, ICON Information Systems offers a wide range of IT services. He emphasises: "Our aim at ICON Information Systems is to seamlessly integrate traditional IT support with advanced cyber security strategies, ensuring a comprehensive service offering."

Services overview

ICON Information Systems, with over nine years of expertise, has established itself as a leader in its respective fields of ICT managed services and cyber security. ICON Information Systems, a unified ICT solutions provider with a global reach, is committed to empowering organisations to achieve more through innovative and trusted technology solutions. With over 10+ OEM partnerships, ICONIS offers a diverse range of services, including end-to-end managed services, data analytics, 24x7 service desk support and a robust project management office. The company's values focus on an agile workforce, exceptional service delivery and strategic OEM and vendor partnerships.

ICON Information Systems ensures the safety and security of information. With over 1 000 security partnerships and prestigious accreditations like ISO 9001 and 27001, the company has gained recognition as a top MSSP globally. Its services encompass vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, SIEM tools, SOC, professional services, compliance and data privacy, training and awareness, and security services. Iconis Cybersecurity's focus on mitigating vulnerabilities and providing real-time security insights positions it as a reliable partner in protecting information assets.

ICON Information Systems boasts highly skilled teams with technical and engineering expertise. While ICON Information Systems offers innovative solutions in cloud computing and traditional ICT services, comprehensive cyber security solutions, underpinned by industry-standard practices and leading OEM partnerships.

Discussing the importance of cyber security, Kisten notes: "In our digital era, effective cyber security is essential. Our objective is to empower businesses with robust tools and strategies to safeguard against digital threats."

Vision and mission

ICON Information Systems strives to be a leader in specialised ICT solutions, enabling clients to fully leverage their business potential. The mission is to drive innovation and provide effective business solutions with a strong ethos of integrity and professionalism.

Value proposition

The value proposition of ICON Information Systems centres on its extensive cyber security expertise, innovative and scalable solutions, a client-focused approach and unwavering support and training. "Our expertise is in anticipating and navigating the ever-changing IT landscape, ensuring that our clients are always equipped with cutting-edge security and technological solutions," Kisten adds.

Kisten concludes: "At ICON Information Systems, we do more than just solve IT problems, we foster long-term partnerships. Our commitment extends beyond immediate solutions to establishing enduring relationships that support our clients’ journeys towards technological advancement and security."