Linux reveals billion-dollar project

Alex Kayle
By Alex Kayle, Senior portals journalist
Johannesburg, 27 Oct 2008

Linux reveals billion-dollar project

The Linux Foundation has conducted a new study revealing the development of the Linux Fedora 9 operating system would cost $10.8 billion, reports IT Pro.

Linux claims it has become a computing force with a $25 billion ecosystem, powering devices from mobile phones to supercomputers.

The report's authors said companies that participated in developing the operating system could share research and development costs in the billion-dollar Linux economy.

Amazon adds Windows to cloud computing

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2, is now ready to run Windows and the Microsoft SQL server database, states Information Week.

Both Windows and SQL Server operation will be in beta mode, according to Jeff Barr, senior Web services evangelist.

Up until now, computing in the Amazon cloud had been focused on Linux servers and applications running under Linux, OpenSolaris, or other versions of Unix while the Oracle database and open source MySQL have been the databases previously supported in EC2.

IBM offers free cloud computing

IBM and North Carolina State University are making free software services and computing power available to students at schools throughout the state, says Information Week.

The cloud offering is an expansion of the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL), an on-demand computing platform powered by donated IBM BladeCenter servers and software, and co-developed in partnership with North Carolina State University.

North Carolina State is making the code used to develop VCL available for free through the Apache open source community, for organisations wanting to use it to build similar clouds.