Live-streaming body cameras help strengthen emergency response

Johannesburg, 22 Feb 2024
LTE-enabled body cameras.
LTE-enabled body cameras.

LTE-enabled body cameras, capable of live streaming video to control rooms, can provide crucial backup and support to public safety and emergency teams in the field.

So says Uwe Niske, senior sales director for sub-Saharan Africa at Motorola Solutions, who points out that live streaming video gives supervisors and control room staff ‘eyes-on-scene’ to dispatch the appropriate help and capture a clear record of events.

“Motorola Solutions continues to make significant investments in our portfolio of video security and digital evidence management products so organisations worldwide can leverage the most information to make the best possible decisions. Video has emerged as a crucial resource for first responders by capturing an objective record of events, which could prove to be valuable evidential footage as well as an important tool for future investigations, analysis and training.

“When arriving at an incident, first responders need their hands free and must be entirely focused on the situation at hand. New LTE body cameras with live video and location capabilities allow first responders to relay that intelligence back to the control room to build a clear picture of events and respond accordingly. For law enforcement and security personnel, body cameras are an essential tool to support their own safety, and to help ensure transparency,” Niske says.

Motorola Solutions has expanded its mobile video portfolio with the new LTE-enabled V500 body camera, bringing critical real-time field intelligence to emergency response. Live streaming, enabled by LTE connectivity, delivers to a remote viewer, whether that is a colleague in dispatch or in a mobile command centre, a live view of what is happening in front of an officer at any given moment.

The new body camera offers high-quality video and audio capture and is equipped with an optional pre- and post-recording capability, helping to ensure there is a record of every interaction from start to finish. Along with the rest of the Motorola Solutions mobile video portfolio, the V500 body camera uses the VideoManager evidence management software to enable the secure handling, storage and sharing of evidence. Footage is fully tracked and audited, with chain of custody intact so that the police, public and judicial system can be confident in the quality of video evidence. The V500 connects to Motorola Solutions’ ecosystem of technologies, from radio and in-car video systems to control room solutions, to the Holster Aware Bluetooth sensors that can activate video recording and live streaming if an officer draws a weapon.

Motorola Solutions’ new V500 body camera is a rugged, IP67 rated solution that captures high-definition video, enabling first responders to stream live video and location over WiFi or LTE. With 128GB storage capacity, configurable buttons and recording behaviour, and cutting-edge security protocols to keep content protected, the V500 is designed for use by law enforcement and emergency teams.

After an incident has been resolved, the V500 also streamlines workflows through LTE-based footage offload and simplifies administration via remote maintenance.

The analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recently awarded Motorola Solutions with the 2023 Global Product Leadership Award in the global body camera market. Following a thorough assessment of the global market, the analyst firm recognised that Motorola Solutions’ body camera systems outperform competitive solutions.