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LockDown IT: Discover why the largest organisations in Africa trust us with their cyber security

Johannesburg, 03 Jun 2024
Visit LockDown IT, a trusted managed security services provider based in Africa, at ITWeb Security Summit 2024.
Visit LockDown IT, a trusted managed security services provider based in Africa, at ITWeb Security Summit 2024.

As we prepare to participate in the ITWeb Security Summit 2024, LockDown IT is thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge cyber security solutions at this premier event. In an era of constantly evolving digital threats, we understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your business's data and infrastructure in both IT and operational technology (OT) environments.

LockDown IT has been at the forefront of cyber security innovation for almost two decades. As a trusted managed security services provider (MSSP) based in Africa, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to protect against a wide array of cyber threats.

Our deep understanding of Africa's unique digital landscape, local languages and diverse cultures sets us apart in the crowded cyber security industry. This expertise enables us to simplify the often complex world of cyber security. Our team’s dedication to excellence and service within the African market has earned us a stellar reputation. As a result, many of the continent's largest organisations place their trust in us for their cyber security needs.

We are proud to have a strong local presence across Africa, with offices in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. This extensive reach enables us to deliver localised cyber security managed services, onsite incident response and support in southern Africa, central Africa, East Africa and West Africa, tailored to the unique needs of organisations in these regions.

Our comprehensive cyber security solutions:

Threat prevention and response: We leverage cutting-edge threat prevention technologies and custom platforms, supported by our 24/7 cyber security operations centre (SOC), to monitor and address potential threats in real-time. Our dedicated incident response (IR) team is always prepared to act swiftly and proactively to mitigate, contain and prevent any further escalation of security threats.

Managed security services: At LockDown IT, we offer a suite of managed cyber security services that cover every aspect of your digital defence. From managed detection and response (MDR), managed security incident event management (SIEM), managed cyber SOC to expert digital forensics for both mobile and computer platforms, along with security device management and robust endpoint protection, we have got you covered. Partnering with us allows you to leverage our extensive expertise and resources, ensuring your business maintains a robust security posture without the significant cost and effort of managing it internally.

IT and OT security: We excel in safeguarding not only IT, but also OT environments. This unique dual expertise ensures comprehensive protection for all facets of your digital infrastructure, spanning conventional IT systems to intricate industrial control systems (ICS). With our dual focus, every aspect of your business operations remains shielded from cyber threats.

Compliance and risk management: We guide our clients through the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance, whether it's navigating the intricacies of POPIA, GDPR, HIPAA, or ISO/IEC 27001.

By meticulously addressing your compliance requirements, we empower your organisation to mitigate risk effectively and maintain a secure operational environment. Our approach goes beyond simply ticking boxesfor compliance. We conduct thorough audits of your environment, meticulously reviewing your internal teams, processes and documentation. Our aim is to provide comprehensive insights and recommendations, ensuring that your organisation not only meets regulatory requirements, but also establishes robust internal protocols for sustained security excellence.

Security awareness training: Employee security awareness is a critical component of cyber security. It's futile to invest heavily in the latest security hardware and software if users inadvertently expose vulnerabilities by downloading malicious software or visiting fake websites, circumventing your security measures and granting hackers direct access to your internal networks.

Our training programmes transcend typical online cyber security awareness platform training. We go the extra mile by conducting onsite interactive training, which includes hacking demonstrations led by our seasoned, ethical hacking team. These onsite sessions reveal the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber criminals and illustrate to your users how they can unwittingly become conduits for security breaches. By arming your workforce with this knowledge, we empower them to make informed decisions, significantly reducing the risk of human error and fortifying your overall security posture.

Additionally, our expertise in software development for both IT and OT environments distinguishes us from competitors. This unique advantage enables our dedicated software development security operations team (DevSecOps) to thoroughly analyse your software code at a low level, perform comprehensive functional and non-functional testing and identify and rectify software code issues before they expose your environment to cyber risks. By identifying security flaws and addressing vulnerabilities early in the software development life cycle (shift-left security), we prevent them from becoming issues down the line.

Our team looks forward to meeting you at our inaugural presence at the ITWeb Security Summit 2024.

Contact the LockDown IT Team or visit us at stand 14 to discover why many of Africa's largest organisations trust us with their cyber security.