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Logicalis 2024 CIO Report: The future face of tech leadership

Emerging technologies and their impact on the CIO role.

Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2024
Logicalis 2024 CIO Report: The future face of tech leadership
Logicalis 2024 CIO Report: The future face of tech leadership

This year, the Logicalis CIO Report reaches the one-decade milestone. Serving as a pulse check on the state of the industry, the report was designed to identify common CIO challenges and ambitions, acting as a providential reminder that we are all part of an ever-changing ecosystem that continues to evolve year after year.

For Logicalis South Africa, this marks the fourth year of our participation in the CIO report. The culmination of shared universal challenges, together with the unique risks specifically prevalent to the South African market, has made it increasingly important to capture the nuanced approach that local CIOs adapt in providing effective customer solutions.

Viewing sustainability through the lens of business continuity has called for more holistic solutions. This is especially true for the local operating environment, which is marked by persisting energy crises and heightened cyber vulnerabilities. All of these necessitate that we, as a business, play a dual role – as both an enabler and a protector to our customers.

Across the globe, CIOs have gone from reeling in the wake of the financial crisis, with budgets being scrutinised for immediate ROI as well as long-term value to the business in 2013, to becoming business transformation experts overnight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention having to operate on a shoestring in the aftermath.

Over the years, we have witnessed the meteoric rise of technology leaders, from the basement to the boardroom. That elevated responsibility, combined with emerging technologies, brings a new set of leadership challenges. Amid so much change, this year we’re exploring the future face of the CIO, the attitude and actions that define modern technology leaders.

Our research among 1 000 CIOs across the world shows that the community is leaning into the changes ahead and rising to the challenges. An overwhelming number are actively grasping the opportunities of AI, taking a leading role in sustainability, and getting on the front foot against fierce new cyber threats. Today’s CIO recognises that safeguarding and steering their organisations into the future requires a decisive yet divergent leadership style.

Please download the report below.