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Logicalis successfully deploys first commercial closed-loop Huawei Power S in SA: Revolutionary integrated power solution offering seamless multi-source support

Johannesburg, 10 Oct 2023
The Huawei Power S can support multiple power sources without interruption.
The Huawei Power S can support multiple power sources without interruption.

Logicalis, a global provider of digital IT solutions and managed services, working in partnership with Huawei Digital Power, a leading global provider of digital power products and solutions, has successfully deployed the pioneering Huawei Power S – a seamless integrated power solution that can support multiple power sources – in South Africa. This marks the first-ever deployment of the Huawei Power S system in the region, a significant milestone in providing a cost-effective, flexible and scalable smart power system for businesses and communities.

Logicalis offers a fully integrated service that includes installation, maintenance and monitoring to ensure uninterrupted power supply without disruption or downtime. Consistency and redundancy are also built into the technology itself, which has a modular design that enables parts to be exchanged or scaled up without disruption. Smart monitoring also enables real-time analysis of all the system's components and the system boasts autonomous fault detection.

Morné Laubscher, CTO at Logicalis, explained: “Businesses in South Africa have suffered a massive financial challenge due to the ongoing energy crisis. Expenditure on fuel for generators is expensive, carbon-intensive and not always reliable. The financial burden is especially acute given recent inflationary pressure, with the rising cost of diesel making generators increasingly uneconomical. In this context, the Huawei Power S is a paradigm shift. The system can be scaled up to meet need and suit the financial realities of each business, its compatibility with the latest green energy technology helps companies realise their carbon neutrality goals and the unprecedented reliability of the integrated offering means no more downtime and seamless business operations.”

A green energy answer to load-shedding

One of the breakthroughs of the Huawei Power S is that it can support multiple power sources without interruption, seamlessly switching between the appropriate source, as determined by the smart controls.

This includes support for solar generation, which promises considerable cost savings for businesses currently reliant on generators and enables users to meet their ESG and net zero priorities.

The system can also seamlessly switch from the national grid to a generator input in conditions where this is more practical.

The service is also more affordable, with lower barriers to entry compared to equivalent backup power systems, due to the flexibility of the system, which enables businesses to take advantage of significant tax incentives for solar panels while saving on diesel costs, and, crucially, because Logicalis offers a fully financed opex solution that eliminates the need for a large upfront capital investment.

A safe energy environment that offers unprecedented dependability

The Huawei Power S system guarantees a secure environment. The components are inherently safe and stable, and the system features a self-extinguishing mechanism, mitigating the risk of infrastructure fires.

Its small footprint also makes the system convenient to install and operate. Unlike traditional power systems, which are complex and take up considerable amounts of space, the Huawei Power S features a slim, integrated design that can easily be transported and installed. Remarkably for a system of its power and sophistication, installation can be completed in as little as a single day.

Critically for South African consumers, the batteries in the Huawei Power S unit have a much longer user capacity: each battery supports 6 500 cycles, which is almost double the industry average. The batteries also recharge very quickly – in just one hour – which makes them suitable for flexible use as load-shedding intensifies. The combination of seamless power and dependability makes the Huawei Power S perfect for critical services that cannot afford even a second downtime, including applications in the mining, retail, gaming and hospitality sectors.

Laubscher explains: “We are thrilled to announce this milestone during a severe energy crisis. The Huawei Power S system aspires to be the forefront of sustainable power solutions. Its integrated design sets it apart from competitors, who rely on up to five different technologies. Our system is a testament to our commitment to all stakeholders, providing easy access to comprehensive, sustainable power solutions while aligning with carbon emission targets. Our priority was to design an overall power solution that is accessible, affordable and fit for the unique requirements of South African business. And with our fully financed opex solution, Logicalis provides businesses with an affordable and effective answer to load-shedding, which ensure operational continuity and ultimately saves you money.”

The partnership between Huawei Digital Power and Logicalis underscores a commitment to innovation and sustainability, addressing critical energy challenges in South Africa and setting new standards in the power solutions landscape.

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